when you’re sick and bored and

you’re beginning to go a little nuts–no, a lot nuts–what do you do?


We’ve had the stomach flu in our house for two solid weeks now. Three young ones with it and myself to tend to (husband has been staving it off), I feel like a bird in cage who has plucked off all their feathers and is now bald. My energy is rising, since I’m here writing a post, and I’m turning my head towards the sun streaming in the window and leaning into it like a cat, instead of hiding away under the covers in the dark–so maybe, just maybe, we’re healing.

I’ve been playing a game on the iPad called Lost Winds 2 (when I can stand looking down and my stomach can tolerate the motion) but have almost completed it. Any suggestions?

The kids have hijacked the TV and it’s permanently on tree house tv. If you don’t know what that is, just think preschooler and lots of singing and animation and you’ve nailed it.

My brain is deteriorating into nothing.

So, do share, how do you pass the time when you’re sick?