Oh, that magic.

  I’ve gone from a panster to a plotter during the re-write of this novel. This novel is complex, lots of plot points, so much to keep track of with the multiple POVs, I had no choice. I forgot that I’m a panster at heart. So, when a problem arose I played with it for […]

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when panic sets in

You have everything under control. You’re first draft has been written and re-written and you finally see where things are supposed to going, precise details and all. You have outlined your work and adjusted for discrepancies and holes. You have deleted scenes and added in missing ones. Now, you think you are ready to take […]

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When I began writing, I wrote a novel. Then I re-wrote it. And then I did it again. And again, all in all a total of about 11 times. I did it without coherence, knowing that it needed tending, but not knowing how or where to find the problems. I think what I was doing […]

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