Spring Resolution

    New Year’s eve is supposed to be the day we declare a life changing resolution. We’re supposed to raise our glass of creamy bubbly champagne, smile, and reveal a promise to do something–something momentous, something we need to do that will change us for the better–that we’ve been waiting for just the right […]

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From city to suburbia

I grew up in the city, where wildlife was pretty much restricted to pigeons and crows and squirrels. And these creatures kept a distance, and certainly never ventured near or in our home. It’s been four and a half years since we’ve moved to the suburbs, and to date we’ve had a raccoon make a […]

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A Writer’s Day Off

Warmth. Sun. Co-operative kids. Not words that come together too often, so I decided to take advantage and READ! Yes, this is how I spend my off time. The four boys (one of them mine, the other three are The Neighbors) were installed in the shade with a pile of Lego. No running, yelling – […]

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