what books mean to me.

My son’s elementary school is holding a bookmark designing contest. One child in each cycle will win a 10$ gift certificate from our local Babar Books. There are two rules: 1. the design can only be in black and white. 2. That the design be somehow related to books, libraries, reading, etc. My 7-year-old was […]

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Back to the beginning

I have spent the last month re-writing my opening. Openings are the most difficult part of the novel or short story for me to write. When an inspirations hits me, and an idea begins to form and clarify in my head, it’s as though I’m watching something under water. Before clarity, the words come, and […]

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The King!

“…books are a uniquely portable magic.” This quote from On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, by Stephen King, sums up the whole book for me. I finally read it, and thanks to all you out there who insisted I do!! I loved the book, and now it is my turn to insist that any writer […]

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I’m moving things around in my wip. Adding, deleting, you know how it goes… Is there any software that makes this an easier process? Not only to do, but to see the results. Or, do you have a method that works? At the moment I’m copying and pasting, but it gets messy and then I’m […]

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When the Fog lifts

I’ve been in a baby haze. The world covered in mist of drooling, teething, baby, with drippy nose, and congested chest. I’ve been in a world where my little writing self went to retreat in defeat, awaiting her moment to surface and smile on the earth again. Well, that moment came last Friday. So much […]

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why won’t it sit still?

I had everything mapped out. Laid out. I was done adding scenes, shifting scenes. All was well, and I was going to focus on making everything pretty. But then, (of course there is a but then), a new scene entered. Not a big one, nothing life altering, not even very time-consuming. But it changed things. […]

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