I want to go in there

It’s been an interesting summer so far having my three kids at home full-time. The dynamic has been very different; my two-year old is showing his personality, making a bid for dominance, leaving my older two quite uncertain how to battle him without too much personal loss (ie. mommy rushing in to his rescue ’cause […]

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This morning I had the opportunity to write again. It was the first time in four weeks. Four weeks of sick kids, being sick myself, my husband getting it too (a rare occurrence), of sleepless nights and days, of doctors, and clinics, and antibiotics. When I was a kid I remember being sick for 2, […]

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when life happens

We’ve been sick. Sick. sick. Off to the doctor tomorrow for the baby. This is the second week for me without writing, and at some moments I’m just fine, at others my writing self feels like it’s boiling over.   when writing life resumes, I’ll be back.

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