Snow day

Believe it or not yesterday there was grass in my backyard. Sure, it was yellow dead grass, but it was grass. And it meant that spring was almost here. Ha ha. Not so! Overnight winter came and reclaimed Montreal–and this photo was taken hour ago, it’s a few inches higher now! Yes, inches! If you […]

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When it’s just that good

One of things I rarely talk about on this blog is my love for baking. This is a writer’s blog, after all, not a food blog. But writers need to eat, or more importantly snack. Snacks are a writer’s best friend. I am a wanna-be baker. Every time I walk into a patisserie shop I […]

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An empty crowd

We are surrounded by a crowd. I have always thought a team would huddle prior to a match–but there is no huddling here. There is a cheering, roaring, mass of people, singing for themselves and each other. There is an energy in the air that sparkles like lighting, fierce, determined to strike. There is an […]

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Fighting Elmo

I was going to write another post about the writing craft. But, I’ve spent the evening wrestling with my kids for the computer, and well, I lost. I gave up. My kids rarely watch TV. I have to coax them, literally bribe them to sit down and watch a whole movie. They can’t. They want to […]

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