A full circle

I’ve been re-writing, re-plotting, and re-drafting, the majority of a novel I wrote eight years ago. Shocking when I think it was that long ago that this project came into my thoughts and I began to write it. It took me one year to write that first draft. It was the first idea that spurred […]

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The coffee shop chat

Coffee has so many roles. Too many maybe. As I sit outside and drink a nice warm cup in the brisk early autumn morning air. I was watching sitcoms last night – a horrible pass time but one I can do while walking and rocking a sleepy cranky baby – plus there is almost never […]

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now that i have it….

Five, sometimes six different critiques from the members of my group. It’s taken me not one week but two to go back through two submissions from the opening pages of my wip. The most important part of any novel in my opinion. And for me, always the most difficult. Normally the beginning that gets my […]

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