Oh my aching stomach!

Being a writer and a reader are two very different things. For some of us those lines cross paths on a daily basis, and I know many readers would never consider writing, just as I’ve met a few writers who don’t read (sorry–but I don’t understand you guys). As a writer, sometimes it’s difficult to […]

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A full circle

I’ve been re-writing, re-plotting, and re-drafting, the majority of a novel I wrote eight years ago. Shocking when I think it was that long ago that this project came into my thoughts and I began to write it. It took me one year to write that first draft. It was the first idea that spurred […]

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I’ve been writing on and off for close to eight years. Does it sound like a long time to you? It does to me. But, really, it hasn’t been. In that time I’ve written about ten or so shorts, won a few awards for some, had a few published, wrote for an award-winning magazine for […]

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Strawberries from the wood

I was making breakfast this morning, peanut butter jam for the big kids, sunflower butter for the little one, topped with a local mixed-berry jam. The jam was terrific, and I did an ingredient check to see which berries were included: blueberry, blackberry, strawberry from the wood. I suppose the translator was not fluent in […]

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this is fiction!

One of my characters is sick, she has a disease. This requires research on my part, and this leads me to real people. Real people? This is fiction!!! I land on blogs and read about personal struggles with the disease, or their children’s struggles with it. I read about misdiagnosis, treatments that went wrong. I […]

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Back to the beginning

I have spent the last month re-writing my opening. Openings are the most difficult part of the novel or short story for me to write. When an inspirations hits me, and an idea begins to form and clarify in my head, it’s as though I’m watching something under water. Before clarity, the words come, and […]

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