Linda Cassidy Lewis talks

Today, I have the pleasure of hosting guest blogger, Linda Cassidy Lewis. Linda’s one of my first (if not my very first!) blogger friend, and through her blog I’ve shared in her process of editing and self-publishing her wonderful book, The Brevity of Roses, which is for sale in e-format and hard copy. If you […]

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finding my voice

In my last post I talked about how I’d lost my way with my wip. I’ve spent the last week finding my way back. It’s the first time since I began writing that this has happened to me, so it was a good thing to experience. There were many factors that led to this disconnection […]

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stop shouting

There are voices in my head. They won’t stop talking. Not good voices, not my characters, and certainly not my own. I’m lost in my writing. I can’t find my intention anymore with my wip. I feel like I’m writing for a thousand people and not myself. Everyone’s shouting at me, telling me how my […]

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do you ever self-sabotage?

I do. Sometimes. There are days when I wonder why I struggle so much to gain writing time, when it’s so difficult? When I’m exhausted and nothing is going my way, I make excuses of why I should just give up. And some of these excuses are even valid, and need to be worked through, […]

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the monster under the bed

Editing. Editing. Editing. Editing. There I said it. It’s not such an evil word. The demons we don’t face are always scarier in our imagination than in reality. (Monsters Inc. does a good job teaching that lesson.) I’ve been editing for what seems like an eternity. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. Writing is […]

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This morning I had the opportunity to write again. It was the first time in four weeks. Four weeks of sick kids, being sick myself, my husband getting it too (a rare occurrence), of sleepless nights and days, of doctors, and clinics, and antibiotics. When I was a kid I remember being sick for 2, […]

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