Hello, back then

About two weeks ago I was working in one my favourite coffee shops when I noticed two people at a nearby table with a large manuscript. One of them was clearly mentoring the other. I went over and introduced myself as a fellow writer, and I was told the gentleman was having his work looked […]

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stop shouting

There are voices in my head. They won’t stop talking. Not good voices, not my characters, and certainly not my own. I’m lost in my writing. I can’t find my intention anymore with my wip. I feel like I’m writing for a thousand people and not myself. Everyone’s shouting at me, telling me how my […]

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now that i have it….

Five, sometimes six different critiques from the members of my group. It’s taken me not one week but two to go back through two submissions from the opening pages of my wip. The most important part of any novel in my opinion. And for me, always the most difficult. Normally the beginning that gets my […]

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no mashed up crackers here!

ok ok so I’ve been watching too much So you think you can dance – I admit it. Now we have so you think you can dance Canada that started, and mash’ up crackers is how Luther Brown (a judge) described a contestant last year, because her training was too all over the show: jazz, […]

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backbends, flips, and more

Feedback, feedback, oh what a wonderful thing! I’m not talking about receiving, but giving, In this last week because I’ve been reading and giving feedback to three members of my critique group (we have just resumed after the summer break). I love commenting on the work of others, I find it so calming after editing […]

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