I’m an adult, I can have a Christmas list too, right?

My kids have been planning their Christmas wish list since October. Actually, if I’m really honest, they’ve been planning it since December 25th, 2010.

In mid-November I was presented with a list by each of them. My 8-year old wrote one for my 5-year-old, at her request. And they both made up one for the 1 and a half year-old. The list is huge and endless, and is updated daily.

When my son asked me the other day, “What’s on your list, mommy”, I nearly teared up. Oh, they’re not so selfish after all. They think of others. They think of me!!!

But, wait, what was on my list? Did I even have a list?

I have come up with three things for my list since that day: Fluffy slippers, chocolate (yummy, dark, and nutty!), and the third is still on debate: an e-reader.

It’s taken me a few years to even consider wanting one of these e-readers, never mind buying one. Recently, I’m beginning to have a change of heart. Why? There are certain things that are becoming only available in e-format. I’ve been using my iPhone for the last year to download and read on, but the screen is so small, and it’s not very comfortable for longer pieces.

I was thinking of gifting an iPad to the our family, could I use the iPad in the same way as an e-reader, or is the experience still very electronic? I’ve been told numerous times that an e-reader is a very comfortable read.  But, it’s not a book! And I love my books. Yet, I’m missing out on some things I really want to read that only available electronically.

I have a little bit of time left to fill up my Christmas wish list, and figure out if an e-reader will be on it. And at this point, there are various brands and models available, and I would to de research to know which one is the best value and gives the closest possible to real book effect. In the meantime I’ll keep shopping for everyone else, scratching off the list, one by one.

Any thoughts: how is reading on an e-reader versus an iPhone or iPad?

And another question for writers: Can you download your own work in progress onto an e-reader?

summer vk!

Summer vacations here – Last Monday I officially became a pool rat. I watched my children gasp for air and doggie paddle their way across the pool, even though they’ve been taking lessons consistently for 3 years now. The outdoor setting is throwing them off, making them relearn it all, and unlike most adults, they’re having great fun while doing it.

I will spend most of my summer chasing the baby around, saying NO. not in the pool. No. not in the mouth. No, dirty, ucky. No.No!  I’m look forward to it so much, and I’m happy the day’s finally here.

I’m taking the summer off blogging. I’ll be checking my subscriptions when I can, but if there’s any news, please send me an e-mail!

Have a great summer all my virtual friends!!!

When the Fog lifts

I’ve been in a baby haze. The world covered in mist of drooling, teething, baby, with drippy nose, and congested chest. I’ve been in a world where my little writing self went to retreat in defeat, awaiting her moment to surface and smile on the earth again.

Well, that moment came last Friday.

So much of this blog is about being a mom and leaving the writing space and coming back. Exiting and re- entering. I was worried this time around, wondering if I would be able to enter into my story, my characters. Before doing so I thought maybe it was time to move on for now, begin a new draft, one where I don’t have to think, just free write.

Yet, I came back and it was as though I’ve never left. I slid right in, remembering what has to go where, who is who and what’s what. If overwhelmed with the amount of work awaiting me, I at least know it is a task that can be accomplished. Next time the fog descends, I hope to feel re-assured that coming back is possible, even if time goes by.

What about you? If you leave your work for a few weeks can get into it again? Do you have tricks, like leaving notes for yourself?

I hope all your writing is going beautifully!! And I hope to be able to catch up with you all!!