Oh my aching stomach!

Being a writer and a reader are two very different things. For some of us those lines cross paths on a daily basis, and I know many readers would never consider writing, just as I’ve met a few writers who don’t read (sorry–but I don’t understand you guys). As a writer, sometimes it’s difficult to […]

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A full circle

I’ve been re-writing, re-plotting, and re-drafting, the majority of a novel I wrote eight years ago. Shocking when I think it was that long ago that this project came into my thoughts and I began to write it. It took me one year to write that first draft. It was the first idea that spurred […]

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I’ve been writing on and off for close to eight years. Does it sound like a long time to you? It does to me. But, really, it hasn’t been. In that time I’ve written about ten or so shorts, won a few awards for some, had a few published, wrote for an award-winning magazine for […]

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Am I doing something wrong?

Last night I had a temper tantrum. I realized it was going to be summer vacation in three weeks! I was supposed to be just about done my WIP at this point! The summer was going to be for beta readers and then a final round of adjustments. The thing is, you see, I’m nowhere […]

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Multitasking, does it work?

One task at a time? That’s almost unheard of! Unacceptable! A waste of time! Do I agree? No. Not really. I believe in living in the moment. I believe in experience. In one thing at a time. But, the real question is do I multitask? Yes, I do. All the time. In fact, I am […]

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It’s Alive!

Writing is solitary. We enter the world, look around, and something grabs hold of us, demands that we tell its story. We sit, and we write. We read what we wrote, we write some more. Sometimes, we think we have reached perfection, or near to it, other times we think that the story, the way […]

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