From writer to reader

One the biggest challenges I think most writers face while editing is being able to distance themselves from their own work. We need to be able to do this, otherwise those trouble spots remain hidden. Some of us do this by letting a passage of time go by when we don’t look at our manuscript. […]

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now that i have it….

Five, sometimes six different critiques from the members of my group. It’s taken me not one week but two to go back through two submissions from the opening pages of my wip. The most important part of any novel in my opinion. And for me, always the most difficult. Normally the beginning that gets my […]

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backbends, flips, and more

Feedback, feedback, oh what a wonderful thing! I’m not talking about receiving, but giving, In this last week because I’ve been reading and giving feedback to three members of my critique group (we have just resumed after the summer break). I love commenting on the work of others, I find it so calming after editing […]

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