OK, OK, it’s September!

    It’s really only August 29th. But, today was the official first day of school, and apparently I’m stuck in the past when school began after Labour Day, so to me it’s September and all that comes with it. September is time to get organized, time to clean away the piles of mess collected […]

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A loss of sorts

I’ve always collected books. Growing up, one of my favourite authors became Gay Gavriel Kay. I returned to his novels at many different points in my life, re-reading, and re-reading. And, I am not a re-reader – once I read something it’s very rare I return to it. However, I’m also a hoarderĀ of books. I […]

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Back to the beginning

I have spent the last month re-writing my opening. Openings are the most difficult part of the novel or short story for me to write. When an inspirations hits me, and an idea begins to form and clarify in my head, it’s as though I’m watching something under water. Before clarity, the words come, and […]

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now that i have it….

Five, sometimes six different critiques from the members of my group. It’s taken me not one week but two to go back through two submissions from the opening pages of my wip. The most important part of any novel in my opinion. And for me, always the most difficult. Normally the beginning that gets my […]

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