Attitude check please

We are all writers (well most of us anyway) here, so I can be perfectly candid when I speak of the love/hate relationship that seems to come with the creative territory.

Those exhilarating moments when we just know–know–that we are doing what we were meant to be doing. When we sit, and are overtaken, and the story pours forth. Those moments when we are high, soaring, and nothing can pull us down.

And bam–we fall. And it hurts. And we want to go and hide in the dark and rip our manuscript into shreds after taking a big fat sharpy and blackening out every horrible word. And then, slowly, we begin to rub our behind, and think, okay, I can do this. Why am I being so hard on myself? There’s always a solution, a way out. I can fix my manuscript, I can make it work.

So, folks, I’m crawling out of my deep dark hole, and as I was mixing my granola–yes, I homemake it, there’s almost nothing that pleases me more than the scent of cinnamon, oats, and vanilla–a sure way to tantalize me out of hibernation, I realized that one of the things I like most about writing is the fact that the learning never ends. That I can be an eternal student. I will never ever get bored, because there will always be something more.

Yes, I’m having to replot a large portion of my manuscript–which is the event that send me hiding in my deep dark hole–but I see the problem. Now I will find a solution.

I have learned.

And this, my creative friends, is nothing to wallow in self-pity about.



How’s your attitude?

Writing is a frame of mind.

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. My attitude.

My editing has been slow lately, and at the beginning of the week when I was headed out to the local coffee shop, I heard myself think: ok, here comes another work session when I’ll hardly move through my ms at all. I literally stopped walking, and re-arranged what I was telling myself.

I’m going to sit and work for 2 hours, and it will be great. And it was!

It made me question my whole attitude towards my writing. In general, I’m a confident person, but there are times when I think that my writing is nonsense (we all do, right?). I do know that part of me finds my current wip silly – very silly, and I’ve been trying to re-arrange that.

But the real question for me today is what is the right attitude?

Do I sit to down to write thinking that this is great, fantastic, I’m a terrific writer, or will that just make me a lazy writer?

How do I keep that unconscious critical eye open and aware without being self-defeatist?

Where is that ever-changing line of balance between these two extremes?

Today I sit to write and think, I can do this. I can keep learning. These are the words I think I need to hear today.

How about you: how’s your attitude?