The artist and the mule.

Climbing out of a black hole after a sickness… can be a difficult thing to do….still coughing like a champion smoker..on antibiotics round number 2….wondering what kind of character I’d make in a book. I don’t recall using common illness in fiction. It’s so dull. Two nights ago, a series I love, Writer’s Confession aired. […]

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Art is ….. Inspiration

Some times words pour out of me, without thought and without interruption. Other days, I need a trigger … Recently I came across a wonderful visual artist , Lizzie Thomas. Her work is magical, and for me, conjured up mythical creatures and all sorts of wonderful tales! Art creates art.

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My pre-schooler…..the writer.

My 3-year-old daughter came to see what I – her mama – was working on so intently. It was a warm sunny day, and we haven’t had many of those yet, and here I was, sitting in the backyard, typing away on my laptopĀ  (I’m writing my second novel). She told me she wanted to […]

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