*The Mistake

Awarded second place award in the QWF/CBC Writing Contest.
Published in In Other Words, Vehicule Press. Broadcast on CBC radio.


Judges’ Comments: [This story] brings to life the hypocrisy and racism that exist under the veneer of everyday life, even in a multicultural society. The author shrewdly embeds her social observations in the history of both the central character and her city—Montreal.



*Preserved Under Plastic

Shortlisted Writer’s Union of Canada Prose Competition

Judges’ Comments:
“… wonderful story. It’s a character piece and the character of the narrator is very strongly portrayed through her own voice….An old woman has a heart attack. Her account of her own story, her different relationships with family members, her will to live, contrasted with outsiders’ misinterpretation of who she is and what she wants…this is a brave story, tackling big topics, and from the perspective of an old woman…strong dialogue…Suspenseful”



Long-listed for the Writers’ Union of Canada 2008 Short Prose Competition for Developing Writers.

Published in Maple Tree Literary Supplement.

Judges’ Comments:
“This narrative crisis in the life of a couple — sexual infidelity, its discovery, its possible consequences … show from the onset what is at stake, what forces are set against one another…The exchanges between husband and wife, the domestic setting, are well drawn … sensuous details that bring a scene to life.”
Read here




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