A Book Give-Away!!!!!

Linda Cassidy Lewis is having a five-day e-book give-away, with a winner each day! Winners can choose from either of her two published books in a series. There’s still two days left for you to win one these fantastic books–you may be the lucky one!!! Reposted from her blog: All right, we’re now on Day 4 […]

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E-book giveaway on Kindle Select

Get the thriller Dead Bishops Don’t Lie, by André K. Baby FREE on Amazon Kindle Select Giveaway TODAY October 9th, tomorrow Oct 10th, and October 23 & 24. Based on historical events, “Dead Bishops Don’t Lie” draws the reader to the dark side of Vatican politics, where unbridled ambition leads to treachery, revenge and murder. In early […]

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a release

When I was a little girl into to my early teens I used to write poetry, but only when the moment called for it. I sat in the dark and wrote unseen words; I’d let my pen or pencil drag crookedly across the page, or I’d write in neat lines, depending on what emotions needed […]

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Dead Bishops Don’t Lie

Did the title get your attention? It certainly did mine! The e-book, written by André K. Baby, is available at Amazon. Directly from the blurb: Based in part on real events, André K. Baby’s well-researched “Dead Bishops Don’t Lie” draws the reader to the dark side of Vatican politics, where jealousy and unbridled ambition can […]

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keeping up with myself.

Have you ever read something that made you re-consider all you thought you knew about writing? Ok, maybe that’s a little too dramatic, a little too overwhelming to even consider, but what about reading a book that seems to break all the rules, and yet reads beautifully? The book that got all this churning is Tiger’s […]

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A memory

When I began writing I had no idea how to find other writers. None of my friends or family wrote, and I had studied science in school. I went on-line and I looked up writing groups in my area. I found one that met once a month in a library close to my home. I […]

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