A lucky coin

I’ll share a little story I found unexpectedly in a book that Santa delivered to my daughter this year:   Our story began over a century ago when seventeen-year-old Egmont Harald Peterson found a coin in the street.    He was on his way to buy a flyswatter, a small hand-operated printing machine that he […]

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Attitude check please

We are all writers (well most of us anyway) here, so I can be perfectly candid when I speak of the love/hate relationship that seems to come with the creative territory. Those exhilarating moments when we just know–know–that we are doing what we were meant to be doing. When we sit, and are overtaken, and […]

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Where did that come from?

When I first began this blog one of things that often came up was where stories come from. So many interesting ideas and theories were proposed. Too many to name, but things as simple as observation and as complex as genetic memory came up. Lately, it’s been on my mind again–maybe because I read this […]

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E-book giveaway on Kindle Select

Get the thriller Dead Bishops Don’t Lie, by André K. Baby FREE on Amazon Kindle Select Giveaway TODAY October 9th, tomorrow Oct 10th, and October 23 & 24. Based on historical events, “Dead Bishops Don’t Lie” draws the reader to the dark side of Vatican politics, where unbridled ambition leads to treachery, revenge and murder. In early […]

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