9 New Year’s resolutions for a writer, ie. me

1. Get dressed every day of the week. Okay, 5 days out of 7. Fine, 4 days. NB: Pants with coat covering pajama top and hat covering head does not count as getting dressed.

2. Speak to people who are not my children or my children’s teachers at least three times a week.

3. Do not live inside my head so much so that said people can actually speak to me.

4. Do not turn every incident into opening scene of a story. See note no. 3.

5. Remember that children need to eat on a regular basis.

6. Remember that children should be picked up on time from school, otherwise kids gets ushered into office and exasperated staff from school call with snarky voice.

7. Periodically leave the house for something other than driving children and buying food. ie. Go for walk, or do yoga, or have lunch with a friend. See note 3 and 4.

8.Β This is the most important. It will help when New Year’s Resolutions are not kept:

Remember the power of introverts.

9. When have broken all resolutions and am proudly basking in power of introverts, must remember am not hermit or will become stinky crazy cat lady. Already one cat lurks by my windows and door meowing to get in. He has even snuck into house and helped himself to my wine (I caught him with his paw inside my glass). Repeat: Am not hermit.


Happy New Year!Β 


How about you: any resolutions this year?

8 thoughts on “9 New Year’s resolutions for a writer, ie. me

  1. Wonderful New Year Resolutions! I might just have to grab yours and make the same. Though I think I crossed over into the crazy cat lady a few months back when the stray had six kittens. They all try racing into the house every time the door opens. πŸ˜€

    As for my resolutions: 1) is the exercise 5 days a week, otherwise I’ll never lose the baby fat, and 2) is to read through and finish 3 novels sitting on my hard drive, because there are far to many unfinished novels hidden there. LOL

    1. Excellent resolutions, Stephannie, and I wish you success with them! I’ve always been awed by what a profficient writer you are!! πŸ™‚

      And hey, as long you aren’t stinky cat lady, it’s all good πŸ™‚

  2. Bravo! Apart from the ones that refer to children your list looks exactly like mine! I really need to work on my misanthropic attitude and get out there too! So to speak.

    Apart from that, my main priority for 2014 is to get through my teachers’ degree and qualify. Simple enough(LOL) but I’ll be happy when it’s over.
    Hope you had a joyous Xmas Jen, and a happy New Year to you and the family πŸ™‚ ❀

  3. I love to get “zoned out” and incredibly selfish in pursuit of a task or in just being alone within limited moments of time. However, mentally, I am a counter-puncher. In response to the thoughts of others and criticism of my own ideas, challenges, and hardships, I become my most creative self. Left alone–my most comfortable state – I tend to recirculate the same ideas.

    So, my resolution is overcoming the gravity of comfort in order to achieve my most creative self.

    1. Happy New Year, Marvin!
      “my resolution is overcoming the gravity of comfort in order to achieve my most creative self.” That’s a hefty one. I look forward to the outcome of it! All the best.

    1. They should be doable, Darlene, but I’ve broken a couple already! With the deep cold to Montreal that came I don’t think anyone in my family got dressed for days, and then we got so tired of each tired we even stopped speaking to each other! And with the freezing rain that came today we all bunkered down for another day.

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