A cocoa and marshmallow moment without the cocoa or marshmallows

There are some things we return to over and over no matter what age we are. It’s our comfort, our go tos, our ahhh time.


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At the top of my list of comfort activities is reading Gay Gavriel Kay. I’ve been saving his latest novel for a time when I really needed it, and that time arrived a couple of days ago.

As a child I believed in magic and secret groves and fairies and witches and warlocks and lions and tigers and bears, oh my.

I still do.

And when I read Kay I’m reminded of that.

His latest novel, River of Stars, is mesmerizing.


I devour novels, about every 3 days I’m reading something new. 7 days if it’s long or requires me to be gentle with it. This one will be a much much longer read. More like how I eat chocolate. I savour tiny morsels; a chocolate can last months (literally!) often until my husband can’t take it anymore and eats it when I’m not looking.

I can feel the dedication that Kay put into River of Stars, each sentence is like a breath.

As a writer, I’m astounded by his story telling capabilities.

This story is told across people in time, rather than across time itself. There are characters we meet only briefly, being in their POV for a couple of pages and no more, never to return again. And yet, there is no frustration in this, no sense of being cheated, because we have witnessed the character’s defining moment in the story and there is no need for more from them. They have shifted the current, and that was all they needed to do.

I don’t underline prose in my books. I don’t fold pages. I was tempted to do so, but realized I would highlight too much to be of any benefit. This is one I’ll return to again and again, if only to hear the lyrics within its pages.

Do you have a go-to author or novel(s)?

6 thoughts on “A cocoa and marshmallow moment without the cocoa or marshmallows

  1. It’s wonderful when you find an author that you truly admire and can never get bored off. It also kind of inspires you to write more and improve your own skills. Well that’s what my go-to authors AC Doyle and JK Rowling do for me anyway 🙂
    Must admit, I never heard of Gavriel Kay before. Sounds like fascinating stuff. Is it more fantasy or science fiction?

    1. I haven’t read Sir Doyle in so many years, Nisha….now you’ve given me an itch.

      Guy Gavriel Kay is a fantasy author. Multiple time award winner. He’s one of my top favorites, if not THE favorite. In recent years he’s started using historical backdrops and people have begun labeling his work as speculative fiction. His earlier stuff is classic fantasy. Let me know if you ever pick anything up by him. http://www.guygavrielkay.ca/

  2. I have had go-to authors in the past, but I felt the need to discover some new ones this year, and I’ve enjoyed reading Khaled Hosseini for the heavier tales and Kristin Hannah for the lighter. But I find it hard to fall deeply into a book if I’m actively writing, so for the next few months I probably won’t read much.

    Of course now you’ve made me curious about River of Stars. 🙂

    But even when not writing, I can’t read as fast you do!

    1. I haven’t read Hosseini’s latest book, I’m waiting for the right frame of mind. Kristin Hannah is a new name for me, Ill keep her in mind when I need a light read. 🙂 any in particular you’d recommend?

      1. She’s written eighteen novels. I’ve only read two: On Mystic Lake and Angel Falls, and the first one was my favorite of those two. I just started a third: Between Sisters. You could probably read any of her novels in a day or two.

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