Coffee Shop Perils



“You never loved me, Victoria. I’m a good-looking man, not too old yet. I make a decent living. Enough to eat, pay my mortgage, and drive my car. I’m kind. Generous. Women adore me. Why should I go back to you?”

“Who is she? Tell me who she is! It’s her, isn’t it? I saw you with her and I knew it!”

“No!” Slams hand down on table. “You misread the situation. There is no one. But you don’t want me.”

“I’m trying to lose the weight! Please. It’s so hard!”

“You’ve been saying this for years!”


“Tell my why I should be with you?”

“Because I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else. Is it someone you work with? Tell me!”

And this went on and on and on and on and on at the table right behind me, which unfortunately was so close my chair was actually touching hers. They yelled, she cried, he cried, they yelled some more–as though they were alone in their living room–until I felt the table shift and heard him say, “Let’s get out of here.”

Relief. Finally. I. Could. Get. Some. Work. Done.

I love working out of the house. The coffee shop generally provides me just the right amount of background noise and activity to keep me focused and centered. But not that day!

Too much time wasted, this had to be prevented from happening again!

What was I to do?

Low and behold: magic! apple-headphones

How come I hadn’t figured this out long ago? I was a kid / teen in the eighties–when no one would be caught dead without ear buds, we even strung them through our uniform and looped them over top of the ear instead of under, so our teachers wouldn’t see–how had I forgotten about these? About how they block out the world?

I’m all set now.


Any coffee shop stories to share? 

6 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Perils

  1. Holy smokes! That’s nuts. 🙂 I can’t work in a coffee shop, I find myself people watching too much. I don’t have any stories like yours, but I have lots of smiling moments of old couple holding hands, kids enjoying the muffins, and cool dogs out on the patio.

    1. Cool dogs. I’d like to hear about those 🙂

      For a writer I’m very unobservant, so I never have that distraction problem, but it means I miss out on all kinds of fodder!

  2. ROTFL–I almost can’t believe this was a _real_ moment. That guy’s opening speech . . . I felt like smacking him in the head. Arrogant much?! And then she appears to blame her weight for their break up and he doesn’t even correct her . . . Sorry, sweetie–there’s more than a few pounds wrecking whatever it was you thought you had with Mr Kind and Adored. 😉

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