The sign says, “Quiet! Writer at work!”

I don’t have an office. I don’t have a room that I call my own, that I can go in and be in left in peace while I work.

at work

For a few months now I’ve been trying to decide if I want to put two of my kids together and turn one of their rooms into an office. For me–and me alone!!!

At the moment I’m working on my second floor landing where we have a desk set-up. It’s situated right at the top of the stairs so I hear the vacuum going, my daughter practicing her violin, and my two boys chasing each and screaming “Aaaaghhhhhhh” with swords playing pirates. All at the same time.

My focus?


I’m tempted to go down and say, “That’s it–today we’re switching the house around, and giving mommy an office!”

But, I’ve gotta ask–would it make a difference? Would a closed door help?

I used to be able to tune the family out. I could literally sit at a full kitchen table, and if my laptop was in front of me, I was gone. Lately, this just isn’t happening. Even when I’m alone I have trouble concentrating for extended periods of time. Partly due to the fact that I’m working on final edits and my brain is being used in an intense way, but also partly just because. Because it’s that time of year when we get antsy for spring (even though it was SNOWING YESTERDAY and today we are BELOW ZERO temperatures), and because sometimes it’s just hard to sit and concentrate.

For today, I’ve turned the radio up full blast and try to ignore all the activity underfoot. And I long for an office. But then I think, if I close the door, will it stay closed, or will those little feet barrel straight through? Most likely, but it sure does seem like paradise.

How about you: Do you have Β a working space?

10 thoughts on “The sign says, “Quiet! Writer at work!”

  1. I have a space, but even if the door is closed, they knock, and peer in asking where the tape is, or any number of things. I have to write when they are not home or not awake, only then can I slip into the story and write it out. I can do edits and that sort of thing, for awhile, if they’re home, but nothing deep.
    And when I need a break, I know it because my mind wants to do something else and I find myself daydreaming of beads, or the park, or to read something else. Then it’s time to indulge that urge, soak in something different. OR, I have the urge to do nothing following a week at home, full time with the darlings, I finally get a day to myself and all I can do is, nothing (lately nothing equals watching missed episodes of The Daily Show, catching up with a friend, and baking bread (go figure)). I’ve learned to allow that and most often the next day is a writers dream.

    1. Oh, Jess, I wish I could so understanding of myself.
      I push push push when sometimes I really need the time out and if I had taken the break from the work but have been refreshed instead of struggling for days! Getting there πŸ™‚

  2. I am lucky to have a room of my own. It is the guest room but we don’t have guests that often and when we do I move out. It is so good to have that room. I also no longer have children at home. I totally admire those of you who write while raising small children. I didn’t do much writing then, I must admit. Hope it warms up soon in your part of the world.

    1. Hi Darlene, sounds like a haven at your place πŸ™‚
      Plus all those wonderful photos of spring you’ve been posting! True paradise πŸ™‚
      Maybe we have to relocate….lol

  3. My desk was in our bedroom for awhile, but eventually I got the message that wherever I am, the kids are too. So my desk is currently in storage, and my laptop is wherever. This is taking some getting used to (for me) but atleast I can now get to the end of the day and slip into my still made bed and sleep, even if I still find it hard to get to work. The kids seem to go in cycles, and I need to learn how to be more flexible about it (or just hang in there until they are a little older! lol). Good luck!

  4. I have a corner of the bedroom, with a door that I can shut. When I’m writing (and the hubby is in charge of our twins) I post a sign on the door that says “Mommy is working. If you bother me instead of asking Daddy I will take away your favorite toy.”

    It works most of the time. If not, I get a new toy πŸ™‚

    Christi Corbett

    1. Love the sign!!! πŸ™‚ In my place Daddy is always out of town, and if in town then working 12 hours days—but kids are getting older, and I manage to get in some time when they’re around. Sometimes I put twenty minutes on a timer and tell them that for those minutes they can’t want anything at all! That seems to work! πŸ™‚

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