A lucky coin

I’ll share a little story I found unexpectedly in a book that Santa delivered to my daughter this year:


Our story began over a century ago when seventeen-year-old Egmont Harald Peterson found a coin in the street. 



He was on his way to buy a flyswatter, a small hand-operated printing machine that he then set up in his tiny apartment.

The coin brought him such good luck that today Egmont has offices in over 30 countries around the world. And that lucky coin in still kept at the company’s head office in Denmark.


This little success story was stuck in among the publication credits of a gorgeous children’s book entitled, A Flower in the Snow, a story about the joys of discovery, its loss, and re-discovery.


Sometimes it pays to read publication credits :).a flower in the snow


A flower in the snow.

A lucky coin.

I wish you each find your own in the New Year, and always.

6 thoughts on “A lucky coin

  1. Lovely.

    I have a friend who always picks up any coin she spots. Not because she’s cheap–though she does say, “C’mon, guys, money is money!” but because she’s sure every penny really is lucky. And she’s one of those people who, despite whatever things life throws at her, is really happy–I’m sure it’s her attitude, not the lucky coins, but it’s funny how the two things–believing in good fortune and thus experiencing it–often go together. 🙂

  2. I believe the luck in the coin was the belief in himself that it brought. The real magic is within us all. A coin is as good a thing as any to unlock it.



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