when you’re sick and bored and

you’re beginning to go a little nuts–no, a lot nuts–what do you do?


We’ve had the stomach flu in our house for two solid weeks now. Three young ones with it and myself to tend to (husband has been staving it off), I feel like a bird in cage who has plucked off all their feathers and is now bald. My energy is rising, since I’m here writing a post, and I’m turning my head towards the sun streaming in the window and leaning into it like a cat, instead of hiding away under the covers in the dark–so maybe, just maybe, we’re healing.

I’ve been playing a game on the iPad called Lost Winds 2 (when I can stand looking down and my stomach can tolerate the motion) but have almost completed it. Any suggestions?

The kids have hijacked the TV and it’s permanently on tree house tv. If you don’t know what that is, just think preschooler and lots of singing and animation and you’ve nailed it.

My brain is deteriorating into nothing.

So, do share, how do you pass the time when you’re sick?

19 thoughts on “when you’re sick and bored and

  1. I’m sorry to hear you and your family haven’t been well.
    When I’m ill, I sleep, if I can, I eat hot soup. If I can do more, I read or let movies play while I nod off.
    Get well, all the way, soon. 🙂

    1. Ohhhh thanks! I hope so too!
      Not much reading getting done, it’s too difficult, and the tv is perma on kids shows lol
      It’s been since early to mid October that at least one virus has been circulating in the house! Aghhh, going stir crazy….missing life!

  2. Sorry you’re sick. Have you tried D3 supplements? People in the Northern Hemisphere have low D3 due to lack of sun. D3 is like a natural flu vaccine and works better too. I haven’t gotten the flu since I discovered this about 8 years ago (knock on wood). When I feel anything coming on I pop some homopathic flu pills (or cold pills, depending) and it goes away.

    1. We got the Vit D thing going on, well actually just started again now that the season has changed. How much do you take?

      Hmmm, I’ll have to stop at the naturopathy store and see what they have. For the first time in nine year I’m not pregnant or nursing and might actually be able to take something!

      Thanks for stopping in Tricia–nice to see you 🙂

  3. Oh, Jennifer! A bird who has plucked off all its feathers? YOU POOR THING! I hope you feel better soon. I totally remember times in the past where my sick days were passed much like yours. Nowadays, however, I get to stay in bed, drink tea, read if I’m up to it . . . and usually my teenage boy or my married-guy will bring me ginger ale. Come to think of it . . . I had a terrible day at work. Maybe I should have a sick day. (JOKING, JOKING!) Hope you’re better very soon.

    1. When I was younger a friend took me to visit her grandmother: id never known anyone who kept birds in cages before and I was shocked to see this bird pacing on a little bar and most of its feathers were gone; I was told due to the bird plucking them from going crazy. Well, I didn’t blame the bird one bit. I guess it was an image that stuck.

      Thanks for the well wishes, Ev!
      Something to look forward to when the kids are older–actually being sick! Lol

  4. I have found – for me – that the worst thing I can do is become inactive with illness. Probably a mental thing, but a reality for me in any case. If I am able, I go for a run. If too puny, I walk. Or, I ride my indoor bike if I can. And I try to read everything motivational to remind me and firmly implant, why I want to get well and soon. OK, a little weird, I know.

    1. Ohhhh I wish I could get active. Marvin! Wish wish. I’ve been a lump for too long and I’m sooooo not used to inactivity. I just started a course of antibiotics, so hopefully by next week I’ll be up and about again!

  5. When I’m sick I sleep. I’ve been sick with a cold for the past 10 days, so I’ve done a lot of that. Now I’m disgusted with myself for being so lazy. It’s a vicious cycle. Here’s to better health! At least that my hope for the future.

    1. Ten days is a long time! You can’t get into yourself about being sick–sick! Not lazy! If you didn’t take it easy you could have ended me like me on antibiotics–see, you were being responsible–it’s all in the perspective 🙂 Here’s to lots of health!

  6. I read mostly, especially other people’s blogs…which I should have been reading regularly and a long time ago! Sorry to hear you’ve been poorly, but your little “rant” sounds as if you’re on the mend again. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for you and your family.

  7. Oh no, hope you and the little ones get better soon Jenn!
    Having had my wisdoms taken out recently, I took to my bed and did absolutely nothing but sleep for almost a week. The painkillers I took kept knocking me out so I couldn’t really do anything even if I wanted to. I did watch some DVD’s inbetween though. Stuff that doesn’t require much thinking 😉

    1. Ouch, Nisha! I had my morals pulled out in my mid-twenties–I sympathize! I clearly recall the pain….
      I hope you’re feeling better now and off those &^%&* pain killers that knock you out so much!
      We’re slowly getting on our feet–thanks for stopping on and wishing us well 🙂

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