Free e-book Today Only

In case you missed it–today is the LAST DAY to download Dead Bishops Don’t Lie for FREE.

I was at the launch at Chapters over the weekend, and there was quite a crowd gathered around Andre–it was wonderful to see the support and interest in his work! The thriller has gotten a lot of press and excellent reviews. Go get it while you can! 


FREE KINDLE THRILLER : André K. Baby, former Crown prosecutor and international business lawyer is offering his thriller “Dead Bishops Don’t Lie” FREE on Tuesday October 23rd and Wednesday October 24th. Based on historical facts, “Dead Bishops Don’t Lie” takes you to the dark side of Vatican politics, where an explosive, secret pact must remain buried forever. Before this truth is revealed, The Church will do everything to suppress it. Read it before they do!!

The reviews:

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it to any aficionado of smart thrillers. L.D. Douglas

The plot is a marvelous story that kept me engaged and caring about what happens next.

Peter K.

  The intrigue is layered and well done.

Deacon Pete  |


“…What makes Baby’s writing so strong and believable is that, as a former 

prosecutor, he insists on testing every link in the chain of evidence… I made the mistake of cracking open the book on a Friday evening. I finished it Sunday at the expense of a briefcase full of work I’d brought home…”—
Jim Duff, Editor, The Hudson Gazette


For more information, see his website at





One thought on “Free e-book Today Only

  1. Thanks Jen for your continuing support.
    The launch went rather well, as book sales of “Dead Bishops Don’t Lie” far exceeded expectations. (Double). Later, it was most enjoyable to share this moment with our friends during the wine and cheese reception at our house.
    BTW , I recommend this formula for writers wondering where to hold their book launch : you maximize traffic and exposure by having the launch itself at a bookstore, preferably a large chain, then you have a reception at home, or other intimate venue, with no commercial aspect.


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