OK, OK, it’s September!



It’s really only August 29th. But, today was the official first day of school, and apparently I’m stuck in the past when school began after Labour Day, so to me it’s September and all that comes with it.

September is time to get organized, time to clean away the piles of mess collected during the summer, time to start paying attention to the clock again. Time for early mornings, and packing lunches. Time for homework, and practices, and rehearsals, and monster schedules that eat away almost every waking moment.

For me, it’s also a time of separation from my children who have followed me around like a litter of puppies, nipping at my heels, all summer long. Truthfully, this is the hardest part for me, letting my kids go again every year (and for the first time of my 2 year-old, who began preschool today).

September is the beginning of fall here in Montreal. It’s the season of closure and preparation and possibility. It’s a season of colour and crispness and fresh air. It’s my favourite season (not only because I was born in autumn).

September is the time I get to do everything that was put on pause during the heat. I can panic at the hours required to return my house to its state of calm, but I try not to. Instead, I ignore the catastrophe that is every inch of the house. I sit and write this post, reminding myself of all the wonders of this day, and I return to my WIP that has been waiting patiently for me these last three weeks as I tended to one of nature’s most fundamental elements, death. How appropriate that the timing of it all is linked to a transition in seasons. And soon it will be apple picking time; the air is already full of the delicious scents of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon.

I wish you a wonderful September, with all the catching up and returns that come with it!



29 thoughts on “OK, OK, it’s September!

  1. Autumn is my favorite time as well. There is such intense expectancy to the chill in the air. Spring is great, but everyone can do Spring. Fall seems an accptance of the brevity of my work here on earth, of relationships, of success and failure. Fall reveals itself to me as compressed life; an inspiring time too, and the first norther is like a cattle prod stuck on me saying, get on with it. It’s now.

  2. Beautifully written, as always, Jennifer. 🙂

    I was born in October, so Autumn is sort of a beginning for me too. What feels like Autumn to me, doesn’t begin here for several weeks. But I’ll be wrapping up a novel first draft today or tomorrow, so it’s the end of a “season” for me, and I will also be taking some time to get my house in order.

    I wish you well on your September plans.

    1. Hi Linda, I remember that you are an October baby, as am I 🙂 🙂

      Wow! You’re there! At the end! Congratulations! Big news! You did it 🙂

      Good luck with the next phase and the house!

  3. I completely understand that it’s already September in your head. A few weeks ago I posted that Spring was here (because it is! all the signs point to it) even though that officially doesn’t begin until next week. I like that even though the seasons aren’t exactly happening when they are ‘meant’ to, across the world they are early as well.
    Hope your house gets in order quickly, and enjoy the time to write. As I read your post I could well remember that pang at sending my child back to school, though now they are all home, all the time and so I don’t have to think of that for awhile yet.
    Have fun getting back into your WIP 🙂

    1. Hi JC, your spring, my fall 🙂
      Me & the kids always get a kick out of the reverse seasons with my husbands SA family.

      Enjoy your kids at home, JC! You’re awesome for doing it. Kudos 😉

  4. Absolutely amazing! You took the Autumnal season, which has its whole list of connections, and made it sound like Spring, a time of renewal and rebirth. I guess there is no need to look upon the seasons in their traditional way when there are life events that take more precedence. I hope you and your children set forth on amazing adventures.

  5. Just as I’m wrapping a warm woolly scarf around my shoulders I’m reading your latest blog…how appropriate for today, when the first chill could be felt in the morning air, the first conkers started falling on my head when I walked the dog and the sunshine no longer warmed as it had done before. Loved your post. Autumn is a time when I’m looking forward to all those wonderful things nature has to offer… pumpkins and squashes, curly kale and hazlenuts, plums and pears, apples… and my grandmother’s recipe for Apfelkuchen with raisins, cinnamon and almond flakes on top (I count her as a force of nature, so this still fits with my scheme…). Thanks again for an insight into your first autumnal day this year.

    1. Hi Maria. I had to look up conkers! lol. They seem larger than the acorns falling off our oak tree. ouch! that must hurt! lol. The acorns are fun to collect and only a nuisance whent he squireels launch them at us or at the house in the wee hours of the morning! lol
      Your grandmother’s recipe sounds delicious–apples, raisins, cinammon, almonds–my favourite things! Enjoy it all!

      1. Hehe, I once saw a squirrel chase a large cat away that had launched itself onto the tree trunk of the squirrel’s home. The little kungfu squirrels in your garden are probably plotting to catch the burglars trying to get into your house…there may be an award offered by your local police station?

      2. Lol, perhaps there is a reward offered, Maria! I’ll be offering one soon I think–the little rascals keep waking us before our intended hour!

        Smart cat you saw, those squirrels! Lol
        Reminds me of the stories by linley Dodd, if you’re familiar by chance.

      3. No, I must find out about Linley Dodd. Perhaps you could lure the little rascals away from your roof by putting up a bird feeder filled with nuts, well away from the house, but within tempting distance of their tree?

      4. Sigh
        The problem is that our house is surrounded by trees. Ok, this isn’t a problem except in regards to the squirrels. Our apple tree is one one side and our oak in front, so they have a feast on all sides. For some reason they haven’t gone after the plum trees–maybe they’re finicky?
        We had a feeder up and our backyard squirrel population tripled!
        As far as problems go we tolerate this one, except for the time one gnawed through our screen window & sat on our kitchen island eating our granola!!

        Dodd writes for very young children. But her stories are great. Her rhymes and creativity are wonderful! I have to say that from my youngest to eldest love her still!

        Thanks for the suggestion!!

      5. Well, sounds like the squirrels have totally taken over your garden and house. Short of a regular dog patrol scaring them off, I don’t know what to suggest.

      6. A dog patrol!
        My whole family would be very enthusiastic with the idea, they’ve been after me for a dog!
        One of these days….certainly not until the toddler’s grown–three children is enough for now. I imagine the dog would have its own cause for ruckus in the wee morning hits! Lol
        I prefer the squirrels to the crows, and the ratio at the moment is tipped in my favor 🙂

      7. Done!
        I have contacted Kung fu panda and he is outsourcing Tigress to us for the season.
        If all goes well, I’ll send you a referral, I think her skills will work well against your grunters!!

  6. I love late August–early September, love those cool evenings that remind me of school days. Where has the summer gone? Fall has always been a time to get serious. 🙂

    1. Summers in Montreal are always way too short, Laura! I imagine the same is true out east. I’ve been to the maritimes in july, not quite sure about August though.

      Fall & the return to school is the true new year for many, including me!

      Nice to see you back after your break 🙂

    1. hehe, I know what you mean, Ev!
      The heat spells keep coming in waves, and for some odd reason the trees haven’t begun turning yet, so it’s easy to pretend. Except that the days are getting oh so short and the nights are crisp!
      Enjoy 🙂

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