Dead Bishops Don’t Lie

Did the title get your attention?

It certainly did mine!

The e-book, written by André K. Baby, is available at Amazon.

Directly from the blurb:

Based in part on real events, André K. Baby’s well-researched “Dead Bishops Don’t Lie” draws the reader to the dark side of Vatican politics, where jealousy and unbridled ambition can lead to treachery, and murder.
Within the space of a week, two Archbishops are found crucified, one in Switzerland, the other in Italy. Baffled by these ostensibly related crimes and fearing more assassinations, the Swiss and Italian police call Interpol for help. Thierry Dulac, a caustic investigator with an enviable track record, gets the nod.
Follow inspector Thierry Dulac’s search for the killers, from the hushed corridors of the Vatican and the quiet luxury of a British Marchioness’s château, to the dank prison cells of Moscow’s infamous Lubyanka prison. Struggling through personal trauma, Dulac uncovers an astounding, unlikely conspiracy of dirty money, blackmail and state-backed terrorism. He’s just realized the enormity of what he’s discovered when a hit-man strafes the windshield of his Renault…
The reviews: “… A lightning-paced thriller. I can’t wait to read the sequel…” Norbert Spehner.
“Mind-blowing. The book’s pages will burn your fingers…” Richard Migneault.

André K. Baby is a Montreal-born lawyer and author. He’s mined the wealth of his rich legal experience first as a Crown prosecutor and later as an international business lawyer, to help forge the plot and characters of his first thriller, “Dead Bishops Don’t Lie”.
Its stand-alone sequel, “The Jewish Pope”, will be launched this summer.

André is a member of my critique group and he was a guest here last year when his first novel was published in french. He’ll be back soon to talk about this novel, so stay tuned!

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