Fighting Elmo

I was going to write another post about the writing craft. But, I’ve spent the evening wrestling with my kids for the computer, and well, I lost. I gave up.

My kids rarely watch TV. I have to coax them, literally bribe them to sit down and watch a whole movie. They can’t. They want to play, move, paint, build, anything. We have Wii games that are still in the package because they don’t care about them.

Do you know what got them locked onto the computer for the evening? Elmo. Yup, Elmo. From the 11/2 year-old to the 8-year-old – they were watching Elmo on YouTube – I’m Elmo and I know It. And my kids have never ever watched Elmo.

I’m fighting Elmo. Fighting him off my computer so that I can write.

If you watch the video, I’d love to know of you laughed or not. I’ve been chuckling all night, Kids look at these crayons. Make art! I wasn’t writing, but at least I was laughing.


16 thoughts on “Fighting Elmo

  1. LOL hilarious. I put on headphones to listen because I knew the kids would gravitate to the laptop if they heard it… and I don’t feel like sharing this afternoon 😉 I think I might have the song stuck in my head!

    Was thinking about writing a parody of my own after Lauren misheard the lyrics as ‘I’m a Pixie and I know it!” I thought that would make a great song 🙂

  2. it is great that your children are not be television fans. They have real hope. And you laughed, that is so good and good for you. And, I would bet that because of the therapy of laughter, you will write better now than before…that is, assuming you can get your computer back. : )

    1. he he, got my computer back!
      Thanks, Marvin. Nothing like laughter.
      so sad how much less we laugh as grow. I hope even when my kids are much older, we’ll still spend many moments giggling.

  3. My ipad is my 2 year old grandson’s best friend. He will sit for hours and watch demonstration videos of toys. He loves cars, trucks and trains. When he isn’t watching demonstration videos he watches Caillou or Old Mac Donald sign along videos.

  4. I’m not sure why I clicked on that video, as I’ve never much cared for Elmo. As a child, Oscar the Grouch, Bert and Ernie (who were always best together), and Count were my favorite characters.

    Regardless, it’s wonderful that you can enjoy what your children enjoy. And don’t worry about the delay to your writing; it might come back as inspiration later.

    1. Hi Ann! How are you?? Can I ask you how far along you are? ooohhh, sorry I get really excited around soon to be new mommies, and new babies. It’s one of the only things that actually gets me gushing 🙂

      I don’t remember Elmo at all when I was a kid. I’m a seventies baby, but apparetnly he was around at that time. My kids can’t get into Sesame Street, but I know I liked it. That, and Mr. Dress Up.
      But, they did like this video!

      1. Jennifer, I wasn’t sure that my comment went through, and I didn’t receive an e-mail notification of your response. The comments software doesn’t seem to be working for me consistently.

        Anyway, hi! I’m doing really well. I’m at 18 weeks now. Haven’t felt anything that is definitely fetal movement. In a little more than I week, my husband and I will meet the doctor and see the ultrasound. And yes, we want to know the gender! Okay, well, I do. My husband just wants to know that the kid is still in there. He worries sometimes. 🙂

      2. Hi Ann- no I never got an update from you — I certainly would have replied!

        This is so exciting! Your commnet brings back a flood of memories of that very first ultrasound ever.
        Your 20 week ultrasound (is it the first? here generally there is a 12 week one as well).
        We also found out the gender, I couldn’t have it any other way. I had to know. I hope you find out. A trick that was passed on to me: drink orange juice before the ultrasound, it’ll get the baby kicking and moving, make for a good show 🙂 18 weeks is a little early for a first time pregnancy to feel fetal movement. It’ll come, right along with your ultrasound. Those movements are something that will stay with me forever. Ok, I better stop talking about this now – 3 kids is enough for me!!!
        Thanks for stopping in, and I hope you keep feeling well, and look forward to hearing how you are moving along 🙂

  5. how could one not love Elmo? Not sure I approve of Mr Noodle’s rather grown up dancing style though. Sometimes NOT writing and just hanging out with kids frees up my mind and later the writing just flows…Elmo power, no doubt.

    1. Hi Maria, my son actually pointed that out about Mr. Noodle.
      He said “look mom, he’s dancing inappropriate with his privates.” His words!

      And, yes, I was definitely eager to get to work after that little break. It was beneficial!

  6. Awww that is so darn cute! I don’t blame your kids for hogging the computer! Lol. Tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle. Do the tickle yeah!

    1. It’s Elmo 🙂
      So funny to me how the music made my kids enthralled by him. Prior, they really weren’t interested at all.
      But, I’m glad to say that the daze seems to have passed!

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