Home sweet home

I normally leave the house to write. I find I’m much more productive if I do, and even the transition time is worth giving up because I do so much while I am working. It’s well worth it for me.


This week, the kids have been sick, and I haven’t been able to leave. I try to disappear into my room when time allows and write for even half hour, but my mind can’t focus. I haven’t even been able to read the submissions  my group sent out this week. What is it about being home that leaves me surfing the internet or staring at a screen and not paying any attention to it?

Is it lack of discipline? Am I not pushing myself hard enough? Or is it the lack of cues that trigger me into the work mind frame?

How do you get yourself into work gear from home?

22 thoughts on “Home sweet home

  1. It’s mainly the cues. Your home doesn’t represent a writing space to your subconscious.

    I’ve wandered around the house looking for a place that felt right, then let my husband not to bother me while I’m in that spot unless he really needs me. He will usually keep the pets away until I’m done.

    For a while, a cup of coffee was my aid to writing. I would fix a cup around the same time every night before sitting down with my notebook. Ever since I had to change when I drank coffee, I’ve tried to find a substitute. Sometimes it helps me to read a short story first; that seems to signal that I have time to focus on fiction.

    1. “Your home doesn’t represent a writing space to your subconscious.” That really rings true with me, Ann. I don’t have a space anymore in the house that is mine (it was in basement prior), and I normally will go up to my room to write, which isn’t very condusive for writing. Does reading a short story trigger you in a different way than reading a novel? I imagine so, the process of reading a short is so different.

      1. Yes, mainly because I know where to stop. A novel can become a distraction! I guess another advantage of a short story is that I’ve read a beginning, middle, and conclusion before sitting down to work. While I’m trying to remember how to tell if a scene–for a novel or short story–is important, I can think about how the pieces of the story I just read fit together.

      2. I really like the idea of reading a short to get the mindset right. Thanks for the input, Ann, it’s something I’ll def do, and it also gives me a chance to read shorts that I never really do, but enjoy.

    1. “The place you write is the place you write” – our work is not as portable as it seems then, is it? Maybe a cue that is portable, something not dependant of environment…

      1. never is- I think we get comfortable with where we write. I can’t seem to get that laptop groove- and yet, it’s the same computer program ect….

        PS I’ll be sending you an email– I thought I’d let you know ahead of time.

      2. Yesterday I had working time, I stayed home. Today I left to work for a shorter duration and I got a heck of a lot more done!!! grrrr. Ah well, I’m working on it.

        I’ll look out for that e-mail. Hope you having nice holidays!!!!

  2. I wish I knew how to consistently get the genie out of the bottle. Working at home does not seem to work with me either. As much as people try not to interrupt me; they do. Plus, there are so many other distractions, things to do or attend to. The best time at home to write is very early in the morning, but even that has a sense of urgency with it. Write quickly; the world awakes.

    1. The work at home is endless, never done, and is def a large part of it. However, when I’m alone at home, and sit down in say the dining room, or living room, I can write. I have noticed that problem is mainly when the family is home and I try to write in bedroom. So far, not very productive…

  3. Thats the problem with being at home- there’s too many distractions. I’m like you, I prefer to work out of the house preferably at the library. But if you have to be at home, I agree with the commenters above: find your own special cove and write early in the morning or late at night when all is quiet… 🙂

    1. The night and morning is still impossible for me. It’s something I look forward to, waking up before the kids, and working, or even staying up late. BUt, I’m still too sleep deprived with my one year old who doesn’t do his nights.

  4. There are some programmes around that block the net for a set period of time – do you think that could be worth checking out? I haven’t used them, but have a friend who does – even her husband couldn’t find a way around it so they were all locked out of the net for a while! lol

    I mostly write at home, but it can be difficult to get focused. I turn the net off so that I don’t have the distraction, and as soon as I can get my little ones down for their day nap I will get in my chair and get some words out. I’d love to move my desk, but right now there is nowhere else to put it! I guess it’s a matter of trial and error – and realizing that some days, it just may not happen, and that’s okay.

    Hope you manage to get out soon and that your little ones are all better soon!

    1. Thanks, JC, We’re going on 3 weeks of sick kids in the house. Two different viruses passed around!

      I never considered those type of programs, cause I never had a problem with discipline before, I’m not much off an internet person, but I’ll keep it in mind.

      Yes, I can be stubborn about getting work done, even on days when it’s obviously not going to happen!! Hope all well

  5. I have a romantic idea of going to a coffee shop to write, but find that I get distracted there by all the new, new, new! A table I haven’t seen. I wonder what that person is writing about. Oh, look, they have croissants.

    I have trouble at home, too. So really I just have to chastise myself no matter where I am and force myself to write.

  6. Hi, I think its the extra pressures, like the kids being sick, plus the approaching Christmas festivities possibilities and the possible stresses connected to the holiday season. These can sometimes wreak havoc with the disciplined writer’s plans. Hope you get through it quickly and back to writing, Lawrence

    1. Thanks, Lawrence, I think you’re right!! The holidays totally wrak havoc over here!! I’ve squeezed some work in this last week, and hope the coming week will allow for a touch more before the holidays!

      1. Oddly enough, I’ve overcome my writer’s block in this last week or so, and am spending so long on the laptop working away on a new novel. Have a great Christmas and New Year, Lawrence

  7. I’m too nosey a person to write outside my house. At the library, I would look up everytime the door chimed. If a person came near me, I became nervous. I would fear someone might talk to me. We can’t let that happen. 🙂 So home it is, distractions and all.

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