Miserere: An Autumn Tale & published bloggers

Back in February Teresa Frohock did a guest post here, and stated her reasons for choosing the traditional route of publishing as opposed to self-publishing her fantasy novel. Her book, Miserere: An Autumn Tale, was released this summer. I just finished it. I have to say that this is the second time I go to bookstore to buy a book for a blogger friend (the first being Bitter, Sweet, by Laura Best) and it’s really fun!!!

I loved Miserere. One my favorite aspects of this novel is the compelling atmosphere Teresa created. From the very first paragraph, I lived in the world, tasted it, experienced it fully.

Most fantasy books are set in a made up land. Teresa has used our typical standard of good versus evil. The devil versus god. Heaven versus Hell. She added to this, by creating Woerld, the space between Heaven and Hell, and where the major part of the novel is set. I think it’s great how she took something so ordinary and twisted it to become so unique.

In Woerld, there is a reflection of the major religious section that we have here on Earth, in real life, but over there they are all unified. This division on earth is what makes us weak, in the novel. It is the thing standing between us the true potential those on Woerld attain. I love this!

It’s a great book, and I highly recommend it. If I had to say something negative about it, it’s that I felt it was over too quickly, everything resolved too quickly. It did leave room for a sequel, and I wonder if she will write one. Hope so.

I love reading a published novel by blogging friends, it makes it more exciting. I’ve read Linda Cassidy Lewis‘ novel, Brevity of Roses; Cathryn Grant‘s novel, Demise of the Soccer Mom, and her second novel will be released quite soon (she also a novella)! Bloggers who have released novels that I’ve still to read: Lawrence, Stephanie, and tikiman.

Do you have any blogger friends with published novels to recommend?

6 thoughts on “Miserere: An Autumn Tale & published bloggers

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Jennifer! It is very appreciated.
    I’ve read “The Brevity of Roses” by Linda Cassidy Lewis, “Dead Witness” by Joylene Butler and both of Dave Ebright’s YA novels, “Bad Latitude” and “Reckless Endeavor.” A rather eclectic list. It feels great to be able to support the work of other bloggers. You’re right, Jennifer. It is fun!

  2. I have several more on my TBR list, but so far I’ve read Cathryn’s novel (and two novellas), Michelle Davidson Argyle’s novel Monarch, Judy Croome’s novel Dancing in the Shadows of Love,Christa Polkinhorn’s novels Love of a Stonemason and An Uncommon Family. Oh, and Laura Best’s MG novel Bitter, Sweet. 🙂

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