summer vk!

Summer vacations here – Last Monday I officially became a pool rat. I watched my children gasp for air and doggie paddle their way across the pool, even though they’ve been taking lessons consistently for 3 years now. The outdoor setting is throwing them off, making them relearn it all, and unlike most adults, they’re having great fun while doing it.

I will spend most of my summer chasing the baby around, saying NO. not in the pool. No. not in the mouth. No, dirty, ucky. No.No! Β I’m look forward to it so much, and I’m happy the day’s finally here.

I’m taking the summer off blogging. I’ll be checking my subscriptions when I can, but if there’s any news, please send me an e-mail!

Have a great summer all my virtual friends!!!


9 thoughts on “summer vk!

  1. Okay, Jennifer! Summer is officially over. I have been patiently checking back since school started again–don’t make me come over there!

    Hope you’re enjoying our prelude to winter.

    πŸ™‚ Ev

    1. lol – I love it, Ev! Is that what it takes to get you down to visit montreal??? lol

      I’m thinking of you all, and the blog, and I will be back very very shortly!!

      You are sooooo sweet for checking in and for the message.

      ps. I’m in denial – winter is not coming just quite yet!

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