summer vk!

Summer vacations here – Last Monday I officially became a pool rat. I watched my children gasp for air and doggie paddle their way across the pool, even though they’ve been taking lessons consistently for 3 years now. The outdoor setting is throwing them off, making them relearn it all, and unlike most adults, they’re having great fun while doing it.

I will spend most of my summer chasing the baby around, saying NO. not in the pool. No. not in the mouth. No, dirty, ucky. No.No! Β I’m look forward to it so much, and I’m happy the day’s finally here.

I’m taking the summer off blogging. I’ll be checking my subscriptions when I can, but if there’s any news, please send me an e-mail!

Have a great summer all my virtual friends!!!

9 thoughts on “summer vk!

  1. Have an awesome summer! Have to admit that I’m looking forward to summer too (even if it IS still months away, for me!).

  2. Okay, Jennifer! Summer is officially over. I have been patiently checking back since school started again–don’t make me come over there!

    Hope you’re enjoying our prelude to winter.

    πŸ™‚ Ev

    1. lol – I love it, Ev! Is that what it takes to get you down to visit montreal??? lol

      I’m thinking of you all, and the blog, and I will be back very very shortly!!

      You are sooooo sweet for checking in and for the message.

      ps. I’m in denial – winter is not coming just quite yet!

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