an Aha moment!

Sometimes I think I’m indulging myself by writing. There’s so many other things that need tending to, and I don’t mean in my life, but in life in general. There is so much on this globe that needs fixing, sometimes I think, well, gee, here I am, writing – shouldn’t I be, dedicating my time to something beneficial instead?

I had a moment of this kind of pain a few days back when I caught the end of a documentary entitle No woman, No cry. From the filmmaker to the MD, I was taken with the amount of action these woman are taking to preventing global maternal death.

At the very end of the film, we’re brought into the director’s home, where she spoke about how her young children miss her, but she hopes she is teaching them about the connection they have with all beings.

This was my moment of, ok so, I’m writing. Huh. Maybe I need to reconsider.

Then my Aha Moment came. We are all interconnected. And that’s what storytelling, and all forms of art, is about. Adding to that connection. By dedicating myself to writing, I am strengthening the bond that binds everything and everyone. Without this, I believe there would be no desire to preserve.

I googled this film that had such an impact on me, and on the website there was a ‘share your story’ tab. Woman from around the world are posting their photos, telling their stories. These stories are unifying woman everywhere.

So, Yes! I’m writing. And you know, I think it is for the good of the whole.

I sound so cheesy to myself, so dippy, but a burden’s been eased now that I’ve realized I am contributing. All of us writers are.

9 thoughts on “an Aha moment!

  1. Whether you write something of “significance” or just pure entertainment, you ARE doing something special. Language, words, have a resonance, as sonorous as music and far deeper than mathematical equations. “In the beginning was the Word.” And this quote is not designed to be sacrilegious but to imply the importance of language.
    We cannot all be Bobby Kennedy or Martin Luther King or Gandhi. But we CAN contribute in our own way.

    Please keep doing so.


    1. tikiman, I envy how comfortable you are with yourself. (at least that how’s you come accross in your comments). It’s not to say that i’m uncomfortable with myself, not at all, I’m quite good in my skin, but at times I do question.

      I love the quote, and thanks for the reminder, HB!!

  2. Thanks for this post, Jennifer. For some reason it just showed up in my blog reader this afternoon.

    “There is so much on this globe that needs fixing, sometimes I think, well, gee, here I am, writing – shouldn’t I be, dedicating my time to something beneficial instead?” I just had this conversation with myself a couple of weeks ago. Then I saw that the new topic at Women on the Verge is the Power of Words and I started thinking how often I appreciated the little escape reading provided for me. Your post just reinforced my resolve to keep writing my silly books because someone out there needs them.

    1. Not silly books, Linda! Please don’t say that! And yes, keep writing them!!
      Thanks for sharing, somehow it’s always comforting to know others have experienced something similar…

      1. And a few hours after I wrote my comment here, I doubted again that I should be writing … or writing for publication, at least. I don’t think that ever ends. I guess the best we can do is try to keep it at bay for a time. 😕

      2. I would love to say that I don’t have doubts about writing, Linda, but it’s something that tends to come back. Questions, always questions, I wonder if part of it is a gender thing, questioning ourselves….

        Yes, you should be writing! As should I. There I said it 🙂

  3. “I’ve realized I am contributing. All of us writers are.”

    Yes, and each singer who sings, each painter who paints, each fisherman who ties a fly–each person doing what makes them uniquely them (and giving other people permission, encouragement, a safe place, etc. to do the same) helps makes the world a better place.

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