Congratulations, Linda!

One of my very first blogging friends, in fact I think the second to ever leave a comment on my blog, Linda Cassidy Lewis has lots to celebrate this weekend: On Friday she released her debut novel, The Brevity of Roses! This coincides with her post being freshly pressed!!

I have just downloaded the Kindle version of her novel, and can’t wait to begin reading. Linda has poured her whole being into this novel, and I’ve shared so much of the ups and downs of it with through her blog. I’m so proud of her achievement!

She’ll be here guest blogging in a few weeks after the hard version is released.

Go on over, say congratulations, and take a look at The Brevity of Roses. I’m certain it will be a fantastic read.

10 thoughts on “Congratulations, Linda!

  1. Jennifer, sorry I didn’t get here sooner to thank you. I need to be at least ten people right now.

    I’m still shaking my head about that timing! 🙂 At least I didn’t get “famous” for doing something stupid or illegal. 😀

    Now, I need to concentrate on writing a good post for you.

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