The Power of Words

I was on an evening walk the other day when I saw a sign pinned up on a telephone pole. I thought it was a lost pet, and I crossed the road to read it, because you never know, I just might come across a lost kitty (it wouldn’t be the first time.) Instead I found this:

It reads:

HI! I am ten years old and I was very disappointed to know it rained on December 31st and January 1st. But we could stop all that from happening. We could walk to places more. We could pick-up peoples garbage. I know that one day, if we work together, we could make the world a better place.

Ways to me the world a better place:
-we could recycle
-we could walk to more places (drive less)
-we could reuse plastic bags and water bottles
-we could close the lights when we get out of a room
-we could take showers instead of baths
-we could close the water when we brush our teeth

Good luck!

One of the most impressive things about this note to me was that she ends with “Good luck!”. By doing so, this ten-year old gives us the power to accomplish was she proposes.

I think this phenomenal!

All writing should give us this power, it doesn’t have to be on such a grand level, but a story that gives us the possibility to empathize, or relate, or giggle, or laugh, or taste, or smile, or cry, has succeeded. It is the power of words that can be life altering at times, and at others a much-needed moment of relief.

As a writer, this gives me a thrill, to know that my words are given away in a sense, for others to use in their own moment of power (to experience). As a reader, well this is one the of the greatest gifts I can receive. While engrossed in a novel I wonder if part of me knows that this was created by someone else, and that many others have experienced it in their own way, much as I have. My writing is not life altering (as the note created by the ten-year old can be), but if it can share emotions and experience, well then I say that I have contributed.

To that end, I say Good Luck with your writing

13 thoughts on “The Power of Words

  1. Imagine what this 10 yr old will be capable of in years to come!!!

    Words are so very powerful even those times when we don’t think they are. I’m sure your words have effected others in ways that you may never know. 🙂

    1. Laura, the first time someone (not family or a friend, or writer, or anything of that sort) told me they read a short story of mine and really connected to it, and thought, oh my, that could be me, I stared at her stupefied. I’ll never forget that, because it was the first time I realized that my stories are read in the way I read stuff written by others. Odd, isn’t it, that i had never figured out before that time?


  2. Lovely post, Jennifer! To give “the possibility to empathize, or relate, or giggle, or laugh, or taste, or smile, or cry…” This is certainly what I hope for my words. Good luck to all us writers indeed.

    1. I showed my own young ones what this child did, and I hope they can see how positive and pro=active she is, and learn from it. They’ve been better on the lights 🙂

  3. When I hear or in this case read things by a child it makes me feel more positive. Sometimes it’s like a wake up call. They say it simply how they see it, without all the complications, what ifs or excuses. When the little girl has gone to all that effort for something like that, it makes you wonder what her next project will be.

    1. Being around kids can be the most eye opening experience! And also the most healing and motivating. I love having young children in the house! Thanks, for the comment, Sandy!

  4. My name is Gena Miller and I recently had my blog content stolen and copied on a website and it looks as if yours is there too. I copied an exerpt and googled it to find that it belonged to your blog. The website is . I was able to get an email address from WhoIs: I sent an email asking them to remove my content and I thought you may want to do the same. I was a especially concerned because they took content regarding my two year old.

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