I’m moving things around in my wip. Adding, deleting, you know how it goes…

Is there any software that makes this an easier process? Not only to do, but to see the results.

Or, do you have a method that works?

At the moment I’m copying and pasting, but it gets messy and then I’m left with 100 files!

I know I know, it’s the holidays, just can’t help myself 🙂


Oh, and I’m working on a Mac, in case that makes any difference. Thanks!!




12 thoughts on “Question:

  1. I’m no help, but just wanted to say good luck! Hope you find something that makes the process easier 🙂 and good on you for working when you can!

  2. Don’t cringe, but with the exception of scenes or snippets that I cut that I think might come in handy later (thus are saved to a “cut scene” folder), I don’t save old versions. I mark up changes on paper first, so I’m pretty sure I want the “new” version. I generally don’t save old versions to look back at.

    A lot of my friends adore Scrivener that has some program called snapshots that would do what you want, I think . . .

    Yay for editing when it’s not even the new year yet!

    🙂 Ev

    1. You are brave, Ev! lol. I only delete once I’m certain, and right now I most certainly am not. It’s a big change…at least for me it is.

      I looked up Scrivener, thank you – it’s awsome!! I’m going to download the trial!

  3. I have a solution that just may help….

    I open up a word document, name it “alternates to ? draft” and then everything that gets scrapped from my WIP draft ? goes into the alternates file. That way, if I like how it was earlier I still have what I threw out.

    Yep, I pack rat my words away like this for every single draft 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I’m really liking yours and will be back.

    Christi Corbett

    1. Thanks for coming by, Christi! I’ve been doing just as you suggested, but wow is it pilling up, between my own notes and those of my group. I’m a huge editor, draft after draft after draft. Really this one though is just on the second round, but the openings are undergoing massive changes. Good writing to you 🙂

  4. A friend suggested and another suggested ywriter, both are free systems. Not sure how helpful they are. Or if they are compatiable with mac

    I usually just print out the manuscript, and then cut and paste the scenes to where I want them to be. Make sure that if you do this that you put the page number on the page pieces. Then copy (don’t cut) and paste into a new document. I use Word which allows me to make notes in the margins to come back to.

    1. Thank you Stephanie!! I just looked them up, and both those softwares are not compatible with Mac.

      Your comment makes me think how much more I need to use paper copies. I tend to leave it only for the end stages, but I know how useful reading wips on paper is, everything is just so much clearer. Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. Nothing to add except to say your post made me think I might try Scrivener after all.

    My last novel was a mess, multiple spreadsheets with multiple tabs, folders embedded in folders with various drafts, countless word documents with notes, cut scenes, versions. Somehow it all came together, but I wonder if I could have been just a tiny bit more organized 😉

    1. I did the same, and I didn’t have so many copies with novel #1, but in this case the files are adding up. Especially as I’m doing section by section. Seems like with Scrivener you can have it all in one…
      I spent too much time trying to find something I had copied and pasted, and by then baby was done and time was up – good motivation !!

  6. Just came by to see what some of the other comments were, since I could use some help myself. Should you try something, let us know how it worked for you.

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