Once upon a time…

…there was a momma. And she was also a writer. One day not so long ago, she was nursing her 3 month old baby and working on her laptop editing a much beloved novel she had written. The momma / writer stood up with the baby and forgot to close her laptop. She did not hear the warning bells that sounded in the distance. She put her baby on her shoulder, when a horrible event occurred, but, of course, the mama/writer did not know it yet. What was the event, you may be asking? The baby spit up. Be it that this is an every day occurrence – several times a day – what made this so catastrophic? The mamma / writer went to clean up baby and herself and came back to laptop, where her much loved novel was stored within, and discovered it was covered in spit up. She tried to use her laptop, but alas it went FFFFIZZZggght, and to sleep. This sleep was not permanent, as the people from the wonderful land of Apple Store restored laptop, and novel was saved! The baby was spared the dungeon, being that he was only 3 months old and unaware what he was doing. Besides he was just so cute! Mamma/writer, novel, and baby all lived happily ever after. (we hope)

The end.

To all other mamma / writers – you have been warned. This is not just an urban legend circulating the park, or playgroup, or mama baby yoga. It really happened.

Your turn – Β any computer mishaps to share?

(ps. I was lost without my laptop. How dependant I have become….)


16 thoughts on “Once upon a time…

  1. Oh no! I never had a baby spit up on my computer, but I did have a daughter spill my coffee all over my new keyboard. It doesn’t work right and to have it fixed would cost more than it was worth. I’m glad the novel wasn’t gone forever.

    1. thanks for the comment, Stephanie! Just this morning a writing friend of mine told me the same thing. She ordered a back lit keyboard and spilled coffee all over it. Bye bye keyboard. grrrr…..so technology dependant! sucks.

  2. oh no! lol so pleased everything was able to be saved – this is one of the many reasons they make sure babies are cute πŸ˜‰

    no mishaps here yet, though I am sure I’ll have one some day! thanks for the warning.

  3. Beware, that 3 month old baby will turn into a teenager who loves mamma’s laptop so much, he (and she in my case) will take it from you so you never get the chance to write and they will put it away on stacks and stacks of papers so that it comes ever so close to falling from your desk and smashing into little computer pieces. LOL. Yes, my two lovlies are 12 and 13 and are always making off with my laptop.

    1. OH no, survivorscribe! I am not looking forward to those days. They will creep up on me very quick I am certain. Now, I only have to fend my hubby away from laptop. lol.
      Do you have a blog site for us? you are not linked to it.

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