The Versatile Blog Award

Thank you to Ann, for granting me the Versatile Blogger Award!!!!!! Go visit her at her blog Shadows in Mind. She is a speculative fiction writer, whose blog really does cover many diverse topics in writing and lit. (aaaaand she awarded it without any rules:) )

Blogging is all about networking, and these awards serve to introduce bloggers to each other.  There are so many ways to interact on-line, and I have not yet ventured anywhere outside of blogging.

I’d like to know what form of on-line networking have you most benefitted from? Are there advantages to twitter, Facebook, MySpace, or on-line writer’s forums? I’d love to hear your insights!

happy writing….and networking 🙂

15 thoughts on “The Versatile Blog Award

  1. I can’t comment on Twitter. It involves using my fat stbby arthritic fingers really fast and for few characters. As you may have noticed, I am verbose. I tried MySpace but there were too many options. I got onto Facebook. That has worked well for me, not only from a writing/artistic/cultural standpoint but also in re-establishing relationships with younger family members. I may not be totally cool but at least I appear to be.

    And congratulations on the Versatile Blogger Award. With very few exceptions being given an Award is a good thing. Right?

  2. I like twitter, though it took me a long time to get my head around it (and I still don’t use it as well as many people). If you ever need some instant encouragement the people who use it tend to be very helpful and friendly 🙂

    I have facebook, but tend to use that for more family oriented stuff than writing. And I am too old for MySpace now I think! lol

    Other than that, I am part of a couple forums, some more active than others – I’ve met a huge range of people from them which has been great. I think still, blogging has been the best thing I’ve done to put me in touch with other writers though.

    1. I’ve been wondering about twitter. Do I give it a try? not certain….
      I am actually getting quite a bit of blogging time in (i spend much of the time I’m nursing blogging, I can’t write nursing, but I can certainly read!)

  3. First of all. congrats on the award!

    I’ve made some great contacts through facebook but I’ve also met some wonderful folks, such as yourself, through blogging. In general, people are very supportive and helpful.

    A while back. I met an author who I knew only on facebook and I honestly felt as though I already knew her when we did meet. It was great. I’ve also got to know people through twitter who now read my blog and have added me to FB. It is all interconnected. There are definitely advantages to all these social networking sites–meeting all these wonderful people!

  4. I think that would have to be blogging… I love it and the community here is great, very supportive and encouraging 🙂
    Congratulations on your award Jennifer!

  5. Congratulations on your award!

    I’ve benefited most from blogging in terms of meeting other writers, although Twitter is starting to overtake that. It also took me awhile to get my head around Twitter, but I think I have, and I enjoy it for all the information that’s communicated as well as meeting new writers. There is also some good entertainment value from Tweeters sharing their sense of humor that keeps me smiling.

    I haven’t used Facebook because my children are connected to me and I don’t want to compromise their privacy. I’m also linked to superiors from my day job and that’s delicate as well. I’ve considered setting up a new Facebook account for my writing life … still thinking.

      1. I read a book about using Twitter (how pathetic is that??!) The author suggested viewing it as a river to dip into and out of (don’t try to keep up with everything or engage with every thread etc).

        I’m fascinated by the fact I can connect, even if only by a thread, with people all over the world, people I would never meet in my physical world.

      2. I really like that idea – both yours and the authors….makes it not to daunting, and enticing. thanks, Cathryn! I’ll let you know once I start getting into it.

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