New snow

At seven this morning pounding feet woke me, and my little girl’s voice calling for her brother. She sounded so excited, that I sat straight up in bed wide awake. Normally I laze for a good ten minutes before I begin to crack open my eyes.

On my first glimpse out the window on the way down I knew what was causing such enthusiasm. Snow!

The kids have been waiting for this morning! My feet carried me as quick as they could down the steps while I called out the names of my children. I remember this feeling oh so well! The newness of it, the magic of it. And I was oh so grateful to be able to feel it again. My husband came down, and the kids threw themselves on him, full of giggles.

“Can we make snow angels?”

“I want to make a snow man?”

“Can we make snowballs and throw on it your coat?” asked my youngest.

My husband turned to me, and said, “I am not ready for this yet.”

I smiled, thinking about how when he first came to Canada from South Africa he had run barefoot through the streets swirling with white drifts .

While we drove to school, my son was amazed at how the snow melted and slid down the car window. My daughter was amazed at the snow melting and dripping off her boots. At preschool, the little ones could talk about nothing else. I came home, and only when I turned off the car did I notice the way the branches hung, thick with new snow.

I had missed the whole drive home, getting lost in grown-up thoughts (none of which I remember, I might add). Did I need my children to point out the world around me? Did I need them to remind me of the magic in it?

I am reading Hothouse Flowers. A character reminisces about his childhood, and how his father had taught him about the fairies that live in the moss.

As a writer, one of the things I relish is this belief of fairies living in the grass. Of house elves who come and steal all our socks, and eat the last cookie. Or the more mundane, such as love at first sight and soul mates. Chance, fate, destiny. And perhaps most of all, possibility. This can lead one anywhere.

I sat inΒ  my car, watching the snow fall, the chickadees playing, and then I came inside and I wrote.



35 thoughts on “New snow

      1. Apparently Texas heard my plea – it actually snowed here yesterday! Too bad I was up until 2:30am encouraging my poor, sweet, too-busy husband as he did grad school homework, which in turn made me too sleepy to get up on time, therefore I slept until 9:30, by which time the snow had already melted. Completely. From what I hear, it was gorgeous.

  1. Dear Jennifer,

    I relish the things you relish.

    This was a beautiful post–you made me smile many times.

    >>>I sat in my car, watching the snow fall, the chickadees playing,
    and then I came inside and I wrote.<<<<

    So nice and also, yay! πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks Jennifer. We have barely had a flake all so far although we’re supposed to be getting some this weekend. Your post made me long for it, however. We shall see what happens on the weekend.

    1. Sorry, I’ve responded to the wrong comment….the snow scene in the blog post sounds great, but the up and down weather sounds awful. It’s still pretty freezing in the UK.

      Still waiting for the editor to phone me back, although I’ve spoken to the agent at length and the agent is keen to read my novel again once I’ve done some work on it.

      1. Have also received a text from the editor for the first time. They will call me this evening or tomorrow.
        Exciting stuff. I’ve revised the first nine chapters of the novel along the groups suggested by the novelist group, but many of the real problems begin in the halfway point of the story.

        Hope all is well with you,


      2. Lawrence that is great news! You must be so relieved and thrilled!
        I will come by your blog and read about it – I am certain you have posted! I am slow going these days..times passes and I don’t see it, even more than normally, so please forgive me.

  3. We haven’t yet had snow, but my girls are giddy with anticipation. I must admit a certain excitement about the magical first snow, like an annual rite of passage. Winter has not arrived until snow has appeared. It’s the Winter version of the first robin of Spring.

      1. Us too. They’re very excited. We’re going to have a lot of trouble getting them to sleep tonight. You’d think it’s Christmas Eve. Actually, it’s a lot cheaper than Christmas Eve.

      2. We had a little, but then it turned into rain. Now we’re just soggy and cold. It’s a tad disappointing, but there’s no doubt that Winter has arrived.

      3. You must be farther south, Vanyieck. It hit us hard an easy 10 cm, and my little girl crying in the window sick and not able to go out and play with her brother. Snow angels and forts galore! It will come your way. give it time. It’s early yet.

      4. Perhaps. We’re also smack between two snow belts. It’s not uncommon for snow to fall east and west of us while we face rain or sleet. But if the past couple of years are any indication, the snow will hit us soon. We’ve seen a lot of snow the past few years.

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