My 2 three word wednesday


These three little words, provided by Three Word Wednesday were a delight to me. I checked them out, went to tuck the little ones in tight, and let the words work their magic. As the bedtime stories were Halloween ones, well, here goes:

The unrest.

It manifests itself after an incubation.

It reveals its form, a nightmare.

The howls are external, growing from within.

The vanity. The ego. Does not allow it to be seen.

I tried to go lighter, but the word vanity stumped me. Then, I tried to go younger, and had a lot of fun:

The nightmare has come! The nightmare has come!

Quick, it is time to hide! Into the incubator, and shut the latch tight!

Do not move, do not groan, for lest you will be found.

Soon he will come back around.

Grunts you will hear. Snorting and snuffing,

but do not fear.

All your needs will be provided for until all is clear.

For vanity will haven taken the beast for a fanciful feast,

where children do not hide, with tricks that lock them tight.


17 thoughts on “My 2 three word wednesday

  1. I’m impressed! I could never have come up with what you did … and definitely not so fast.

    I think this is why I don’t write poetry. I look at those three words and start thinking of a whole long story.

    1. Thanks Linda. I don’t write poetry either, but sometimes it’s fun to play with words in this way.

      There seem to be a number of short shorts posted in response to the words…

  2. I liked the first one. Creepy … in a good way.

    I’m not sure I understood all of the second one, although the tone of it was darkly fun … like an Edward Gorey or Chas. Addams or Serena Valentino piece.

  3. I like the flow and directness of these. The second one left me with a number of images and interpretations… one of which seems the most complete but the least likely.

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