And why not?

From Three Word Wednesday : disarm engage mayhem

What does it mean to create?

To disarm, and engage into the mayhem.

The rhythm finds you, tugging, leading, until you no longer recognize where you are.

And then, the creation.

The birth.

At last the stillness is here, and you have found your soul.

Yes, this post is a little risky. At least it feels like it to me, but a writer has to take chances sometime. The risk: sharing really bad unedited poetry (??) that I wrote on a whim just now after remembering “the little writer that could‘s post, when my eyes are burning and I should be sleeping, and my thoughts are incoherent.

If I read it again I will delete this post, so here goes.

But, it’s a fun blog. So many writers link their inspirations back to it from these three little words.


37 thoughts on “And why not?

  1. I usually just wing it, too. I tend to prefer raw, emotional things, though I often revisit poems to fiddle and indulge my perfectionist streak…
    Umm… I’m rambling. Don’t be so hard on yourself! It’s good! 🙂

  2. Excellent. Yes, always risky to post something raw, but as in this case, unedited often has power.

    I love that writing is to disarm and engage, and love also that you “posted without reading” before you backed away.

  3. Yay for boldness and spontaneity! I’m proud of you for posting this, even though it felt a little risky. Risks and I did not always get along in the past, but we’re becoming better friends these days.

  4. I would be bummed if you deleted this. I like the ideas and thoughts behind it. It is also quite true.

    I tend to write/scribble/drool on paper, then type and edit slightly on the computer. Then I print and edit some more. Lather, rinse and repeat until finished/bored.

    However, I tend to post the first draft.

  5. i love this!
    the stuff that just ‘comes out’ is the best, imo.
    i posted something for my group blog the night before last at 2 am and didn’t edit it at all. just published it and i haven’t even reread it. but it got a decent response on twitter and such…
    that’s the writing that i adore — of my own and others… the stuff we’re not that confident about…
    thanks for sharing!!!! =)

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