It’s that time!

Time to get cracking, and get my schedule nailed!

So many of you have talked about schedule, and I am sorry to do it again, but it is were I am at!

Soon, (precisely next Wednesday morning) I will begin to have some consistent (please, oh please!) writing time when my youngest daughter goes to preschool 5 days a week for 2 hours and 15 minutes. It may not seem like much to you, but I am terribly excited about these hours! I can write! As my neighbor so gallantly pointed out to me, that is 10 hours a week! (Minus all the PED days and sick days and etc, etc, but for now I will ignore those.)

Last night my husband asked me how my blog is. I turned red, and had to tell him I’d been neglecting it. He looked at me as though I were one of the children, and asked me why. How can I write about writing when I am not writing, I asked him. He stared at me, and I knew the look our six year gets when he doesn’t clear the table, and then he shrugged, and walked away.

Ok, I asked myself, what did that shrug mean? Who knows, but I found my own meaning in it. Yes, I haven’t been writing, and I had to asked myself why. No time, was my answer. I no longer have my sitter (she began working full time as a teacher the second week of August after a fantastic summer with us!) and my husband has been busy, and my mother is still full time at the hospital with my grandfather and and and. We all have reasons why we could not write. Yet, I realized that the truth was much simpler. My resolve had faded.

Suddenly, I was awake again! Amazing! How funny it is that we get stuck in situations without realizing it. The catalyst for my lag was my back. But, that has been much better for some time now. Writing went to the back burner and accepted its place. How dare it! I thought it knew it was much more important that that! In fact, it is essential!

So this weekend will certainly be a weekend full of labour! Are you supposed to rake a vacation from labour on Labour Day weekend?

In my post back to the future, I had a list of projects waiting for me. In order to utilize those small hours I have to be organized. I mean, uber organized! (please forgive my use of this horrible word! At the moment, I cannot think of a better one. Was it you owl and sparrow??)  This goes against my grain, as I think some of you may know. The only time I have ever followed a schedule was when I was in the lab and was running experiments.  So, why this change that has been coming all summer? I want to get things done. Point finale.

23 thoughts on “It’s that time!

  1. Labour Day Weekend is a great time to get back on track with writing. I think you mentioned once before that writing isn’t work! Also, I think that “back to school” feeling lingers in our blood throughout our lives, another excellent reason to re-set the writing schedule and goals this weekend.

    I’m looking forward to reading the results of your uber organization — glad to see a new post from you.

  2. Cathryn, I think you’re right about that “back to school” feeling.

    Glad to hear you’re back to work, Jennifer. Blogging is one way to keep your writing fingers nimble. You never know what a post or comment might inspire.

  3. I wouldn’t beat yourself up about the absence from blogging and the lack of writing. I just took a pretty long break from all these things myself. I think whether we want to or not we need to take a step back and let our batteries recharge.

    It’s good that you’ve realized why it was you weren’t writing, now you just need to kick the hurdle aside and come back on your own time.

  4. I can remember that feeling when the kids went off to school each fall, knowing that I’d be able to spend some uninterrupted time writing. We all need a break from time to time. But you’re a writer, you’ll always come back for more, thank goodness.

  5. I know that feeling of having just 2 hours and 15 minutes very well, Jennifer. The funny thing was, before my daughter was born, I had loads of time but rarely used it to write. When the time is taken away it helps you set some priorities and focus your thoughts. I’m sure you’ll be productive. But you do need to rest sometimes too.

    1. Hi, Joseph! Missed you over here!

      Before I had kids I never wrote. I knew I was going to, but just never did (unless you count childhood scribbles). Having kids, I decided it was time to take advantage of time. Silly me 🙂

  6. I can identify. I’ve been avoiding blogging and writing recently…have been doing a bit of both, but not as much as before. Now, I feel I’m getting the writer’s rush of adrenaline back again.

  7. Hehe, yes, it was me with the uber-thing. It didn’t bother me when you wrote it, though – it actually made me laugh! 🙂 I’m so glad you’re going to have some consistent time to write again! Two hours is a great chunk of time, I think. It’s just enough time to get some quality stuff done and still leave off feeling motivated!

  8. I agree with Joseph. The more time I have to write, the less I do.

    Your not alone in this drag you’ve been in. Life gets in the way. I kept saying, When school starts. Then it was, After my daughter’s big b-day party (which was last night). Then I found myself saying, After next weekend since we are going away.

    What is it with all these excuses anyway? Somebody slap me.

    1. I know, Tricia, we can be our own worst enemy. But, when I am writing (most of time, thank goodness) I cannot imagine doing anything else. Plus, once I go back I always realize I was so cranky because I wasn’t writing. The human species, we are one weird bunch.

  9. I’m VERY excited that you’re re-energized and recommitted to yourself and your writing this fall. I have a similarly themed blog post planned–must be the season for self evaluation, commitment and much productivity! 🙂

    Btw, your blog really is a good one. I always end up loving each new entry.

      1. It was–in a small limited edition publication–but it was my first attempt at anything, and looking back on it, it was terrible. Ugh. However the main character in that story became a minor character in my novel, and one could say that “time for oneself” is a definite theme of The Painting Story.

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