Tonight’s the Night…

(If you close your eyes and listen really well, you will hear me singing! I finally decided I would read an expert from my WIP. Yes, unedited, raw, material. But, the connection is there, can’t deny it, right. lol. It should be fun.)

The Yellow Door


3625 Aylmer, Montreal (between Pine & Prince Arthur) Tel: 514-845-2600

Founder, producer/host Ilona Martonfi 514-939-4173

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Doors open 7:00 pm Reading 7:30 pm At the door $5

Poets, Prose Writers & Musicians featured:

Michael Mirolla recently published the novel Berlin. Another novel, and a brace of short fiction/poetry collections complete the picture.

Rana Bose Montreal poet, writer and engineer. His second novel, The Fourth Canvas has been published by TSAR, 2008.

Talleen Hacikyan Author and illustrator of the artist’s book, Postcards. Stories published in Ararat Quarterly and Room Magazine.

Denise Desautels GG Award (1992) winner will read from The night will be insistent (Guernica). English translation read by Antonio D’Alfonso.

Louise Dupré A major voice from Montreal reads from The blueness of light (Guernica) English translation read by Antonio D’Alfonso.

David Cavanagh A second book of poetry, Falling Body, (Salmon Poetry of Ireland, 2009.) Even the cross on Mount Royal gets into the act.

Jennifer Neri The Mistake won second place award for 2008 QWF/CBC. Published in In Other Words. Broadcast on CBC radio.

Louise Dessertine began singing in Chœur Maha, joined cappella Ensemble Rubia, & discovered song-writing; performing compositions, solo.

16 thoughts on “Tonight’s the Night…

  1. I’m confused, you’re reading again tonight, or this was written three days ago, but just posted today?

    Either way, good luck or congratulations. I can’t imagine reading my work aloud in front of anyone.

    And, is your back all healed?

    1. Back is almost all healed, Linda. Thanks!

      Written and posted yesterday about one hour before I left. Date says aug 27th. What are you looking at that you see 3 days ago?? Now I’m confused. lol

      1. Well, you see, it’s like this, I thought today was the 30th! I never know the date … or often even the day of the week. I really should step out of my cave once in awhile. 🙂

  2. That sounds awesome. I love reading my work in public. It’s such an electric moment, so dynamic and alive. I hope you had a great experience.

  3. Thanks all of you! It went really well! It was a lot of fun, and there were a lot of great readings! And Louise’s wonderful voice! (I think that I just read a little too fat – I was nervous!!! But, really, I had no cause to be.) I hope to do it again, soon 🙂

    One of the most special things about the night was the immersion in Quebec culture. The readings alternated languages, and there was quite a significant amount that touched on our natives. It was great! Sometimes I forget how diverse Quebec is! Oh, and it was also really fun to share my WIP with outsiders!

  4. Dear Jennifer,

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time, and kudos to you for reading out of your WIP! That’s can be an intimidating thing. I’m sorry I wasn’t “here” to say WHOOHOO on the day, but I give you one now for what it’s worth.

    I hope you get invited to participate in a reading again soon.

    🙂 Ev

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