Oh, I have missed you!

I am lying down outside on a sleeping bag, with my newly arrived modem that allows me to use wireless! I have rejoined 2009! My back is still tight, but I am becoming mobile and can type for a little while  – I just cannot sit. It is great to be coming back – thank you Fed Ex man for delivering the little box labeled Bell Canada that has enabled me to get back to the blogging world. Is it really only 8 days?

Being out of touch, with my writing and my newly discovered blogging community of writers, has left me spending the week thinking about how isolating writing can be.

When I was doing my undergraduate degree in molecular biology one of my upper level teachers told us (her students) that she had chosen research because she was a solitary being and she thought she would work in isolation. Yet, she warned us that this is not so. As a scientist, one is constantly working with others.

I had never put much thought into my need to be part of a working group. It was only a few years after having my first child that I realized how crucial this is. Now, as a writer, I wonder, how do I stay connected?

Being part of a writer’s circle is helpful, but what about the time in between, after all these meetings are usually staggered by weeks. 

Many of you work in non-writing fields, and write during the hours you create for yourself, but I assume that even you would feel the need to connect with others about your writing – how to not share something that is such an integral part of oneself?

There is a cliche about writers, that we all need isolation, perhaps in the woods, alone, undisturbed, creating. Of course, when I write I am working solitary, yet my inspiration comes from my environment, immediate and otherwise. We all influence each other. The on line world has been a wonderful development.

How do you, as a writer, stay connected with other writers?

23 thoughts on “Oh, I have missed you!

  1. By blogging, of course … and Twittering. I subscribe to all my favorite blogs so I always know when there’s a new post to read, and even when I don’t have a comment to make, I always read the other comments. I feel like I have a social circle of writers this way. I “talk” to other writers every day.

    Hope you’re upright soon. Sorry you had to miss the party at my blog this weekend.

  2. Through blogs, the Hatrack River forums, and an offline writers group. Each give me a different way to connect.

    Do you often work outside? That “sounds” wonderful.

  3. About a year ago I found the one of the editors who published my first short story on line and we started emailing back and forth a few times a month. We finally got to meet at the book launch for “A Maritime Christmas.” Until then I really had no contact with other writers whatsoever. It’s been really great to be able to connect with some of the bloggers here. Everyone is so supportive. Thanks!

  4. It’s hard being from a small town. Since I discovered the blogging world it’s been a lot easier. I don’t know what I’d do without my computer.

    Hope your back is better soon.

  5. I know all about back pain. I’ve had back surgery and it is worse than before. But I have many thanks to it being it helped me slow down–everything, including my thoughts. My creative side emerged and nearly three years later I have a complete manuscript.

    So what did I do when I couldn’t write? Read.

  6. Its must be fun to lie down on a sleeping bag and write outside. I hope you will feel better. I understand you had had some problems with your computer and you are now experienced a new one. This is the kind of situation that makes us realise how much we do need this little friend. We need this tool to work and to communicate with others…

    As a writer, since a couple of years, a have discovered this new world. Blogging is an exercise for my writing that keeps me in touch with the world of Arts, literature and of course, writers.

    I try to stay connected with some writers of this community by reading there experience and essential work. I think it is a great opportunity to discuss and see there opinion because we are in the same boat!

    Of course, writing is a creative process that required lonelyness… This is why the fellowship of these friends is so important and respect.

    Have a nice day.

    1. Hi Mireille! Thanks for coming by! Perhaps we are true neighbors and are not even aware! You are right – it does make these friendship all the more important. Nice way to see it.

  7. Hi Jennifer,

    I find I sometimes need to be around creatives to be creative myself. When I have the block I look at your site and see if it inspires me.

    Being a writer can be a lonely existence, and it is amazing how speaking and being with other creatives can help.


  8. Like most, lately, I stay connected through the blogging world. It’s made a huge difference in how many of my thought cycles are devoted to writing, because I can dip in for small nuggets throughout the day.

    Glad you are on the mend!

  9. I blog. Even though I post examples of my stories I find that writers aren’t interested in reading each other’s writing. The real connection comes in commiserating about the art of the craft. Since I don’t writers beyond cyberspace, the blogosphere is my connection.

    1. Oh, Vanyieck, I am sorry to hear you say that! I have read some of what you have posted and I think your writing is beautiful!
      I think the trick is to find writers who read what you write. And that can be more difficult, because the anguishes of the craft are cross-genre.

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