Lights, Camera, Action

(Yes, I appear to be quoting The Wiggles now…ahem…)

This weekend I managed to squeeze in some writing time. It went well and felt good. Progress is always nice…

The struggle is coming back. Leaving my story behind, and being in my daily world. Shaking off the fog, and seeing what is around me.

I took a workshop last summer, and my fellow writers commented on how much I write in such a small time. The workshop leader noted that each week she watched me listen to the cues, and then I picked up my pen, bent my head to my paper, and was gone. She said it was if a curtain was drawn and I entered another scene.

As I sat outside after a writing session this weekend, I found it difficult to draw myself into the group. I was still there, worrying about my MC, wondering how she was going to handle her crisis. Finally my head cleared, and I was out of the writing zone, and back.

How do you go back and forth between the these two spaces – the writing zone, and the rest of your world?


20 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Action

  1. I think it’s rare for me to completely leave the writing zone … a few minutes at a time, here and there, maybe. If I’m not thinking about my WIP, I’m noting cool “dialogue” or wondering how to put into words that gesture my husband just made, or criticizing the poor grammar that newscaster just used. It’s a sickness. 🙂

  2. I struggle with staying focused, personally, there always seems to be something nagging at the back of my mind and I often find it really hard to totally immerse myself into writing. I guess it is something I really have to work on, because being that absorbed sounds like an incredibly awesome experience to me.

    1. It is awesome, Andrew, because the story is alive.
      Have you found tricks to help you get back into it? For me, what works is really just writing, as contradictory as that may sound.

      1. Just continuing to write or is about the only trick I know. If I’m just in a major slump and can’t seem to force myself to the writing desk, I’ll turn to other creative stimula like immersing myself in reading, or watching movies, even playing my guitar and creating my own music. Anything that seems like it is going to keep my creative brain flowing that way I’m not feeling like I’ve just totally shut my brain down.

      2. I do the same now that you mention it, Andrew. I play the violin, so that can get me going. Painting with the kids is a good one for me. Oddly, the movie Penelope is a real trigger for me, as are all fairy tales (and I don’t write fantasy – but I would LOVE to write kids fantasy. One day I’ll get to it…)

  3. I find it really hard to go back to my day job, Jennifer. All day today I have been in that fog you describe because I spent all weekend writing a story. I’m not sure the story’s finished and I can’t stop thinking about it.

    1. Thank you, Joseph for stopping and commenting!
      If I am not satisfied with something, I have a hack of a time letting go of it. I need to fix it now, be it prose or structure. I am not patient in that way at all!

  4. I luck out working for a publisher…I get to think about books 7:30- 5 and not be frowned upon.

    However, jumping back into my own writing time, I cue up some music. I made a playlist for the novel I am working on. By track 2, I am back in the mindset I want to write.

    1. Thank you for coming by, Nathan!
      Music – eh? (did I just give away the fact that I am Canadian? lol) I never tried that. Does it correlate with what you write, or is it music that gets you going?
      And, you are a lucky one to get to work with books all day!!!

      1. I pick stuff that correlates with what I am writing. Right now, I am working on a suspense/thriller right now. What gets me amped up is music that I think would be playing on the movie soundtrack, or songs that would be playing on the bad guy’s car radio 🙂 A bit overreaching I know, but its fun.

        Yes, it is a nice perk to go to work everyday:)

      2. Overreacting! Not at all!
        I am working on a period piece right now, and I don’t think classical would have the same effect, but I def see the fun in would be to have what I imagine as the movie soundtrack playing. thanks 🙂

  5. How do you go back and forth between the these two spaces? – how indeed. Not very well.

    When I can, I have a buffer … writing to workout to work gives a gradula re-entry. Other times I feel like I’m thrown into an icy lake.

  6. I find I think about it a lot. As I drive home from work, doing the dishes, cooking dinner, going for a walk.
    I guess I combine the two and pretend I’m multi-tasking.

  7. I tend to write in the evenings, so sometimes the material will continue to go round in my head long after I’m finished. Also, aspects of the story might keep coming back to me while I’m at work.

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