How did that happen?

When I began thinking about the novel I am now writing last summer, I had a specific idea.

It was a nice, pretty story – well, the end was at least (with great turmoil leading up to this perfect ending). Somehow, things changed.

When I sit down to write now, I no longer see roses at the end. Things are messy, and ugly, and the story no longer bodes well on human behavior. Yet, somehow, I see everything laid out before me, and I am just following along. At the same time, it’s quite scary, because it’s taking me to new territory. Places I’ve not only never been to, but never wanted to go to. It’s amazing to see how the story has metamorphosed. If I tried, I would never be able to produce such things!

14 thoughts on “How did that happen?

  1. I don’t know what this says about my character, but happy endings leave me feeling empty. Like it was done purposely for commercial appeal. Think if Saving Private Ryan ended with the MC playing beach volleyball with his family instead of him visiting gravestones at the cemetary. It would have cheapened the whole movie.
    If you’ve darkened your ending then maybe that’s where it naturally wants to go. Embrace it.

  2. I love it when writing takes me places like this. I hope the whole thing ends up being something you like, rosy or otherwise. 🙂

    1. It’s just so unexpected! I can’t help but wonder sometimes where it all comes from. I think Cynthia recently equated it to opening a faucet and letting the water flow.

  3. I had the same experience with mine during my revisions. All I did was add a chapter at the beginning to clarify events. While the overall essense of the novel has remained the same, some of the plot has shifted, and the characters have taken on a depth that I completely missed on the first run-through. I’m much happier, and no, I never had a happy ending planned for mine. Sorry, just not geared that way (hehe).

    1. Teresa, I also added a chapter into my first novel after the gazilliant revision. I did it because I wanted the reader to bond with the main character. It’s quite amazing how during the writing of the characters, they become so much clearer. It’s funny, but before I started writing i always thought that I would know my characters inside out and the plot as well. I am learning it is the other way around!

  4. my book has stayed the same as far as the beginning, middle, and end…but everything in between is all directed by the characters themselves. i have no input. they lead their own lives and i just tell the story. (sorry–show the story lol)

    many things have surprised me. characters have shown up when i thought they were long gone (like twenty years gone…), people have done things that i wouldn’t have expected of them, and best of all–my protagonist is even more kick-ass than i thought she was 😉

    my ending is pretty much the opposite of happy, so i’m wondering how it’s all gonna work itself out, but i have faith that it’ll be fine.
    these are some tough kids and they’ll make their world the best place it can be =)


    1. Thanks for stopping in Eden. Sounds like a great story! You see, the problem that I had with this ‘new’ ending was that it went against my own nature. But, I’ve reconciled with it. People are just nasty sometimes!

      1. yes, people are quite nasty!!
        my ending would be a problem for me, but, like you, i’ve reconciled with it.
        i realized that it’s the only option for my MC and it’s the lesser of two evils. she’s just in a horrible spot and is trying to make the best of it.
        much like real life.
        i’m enjoying your blog =)
        i’ll continue to stop by!!

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