Try, try again.

I listened to Nia Vardalos do an interview yesterday for Q on CBC radio. Jian Ghomeshi was interviewing her about her new movie, My Life in Ruins.

my life in ruins b

I knew nothing about Nia Vardalos prior to this interview other than that she wrote and starred in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Well, this wonder woman from Winnipeg decided to write her own scripts after being told that she would never act. She was too fat to play a lead, and not fat enough to be a comedian (I am paraphrasing here, I would never utter such irrelevant insults as these). She decided if no one would cast her, then she would write her own scripts and cast herself! Quite obviously, she succeeded!

2 thoughts on “Try, try again.

    1. Yes, she is STUNNING!
      Very interesting – she said that loosing weight was not the accomplishment, but rather getting control of her life was!

      Here’s the podcast if anyone is interested.

      [audio src="" /]

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