Balance – is such a thing possible?

Do you ever think that certain words should not exist?

Balance is one of those for me, because I am constantly straining to achieve it!

After a lovely weekend full of family, a Monday with recovering small children, a Tuesday at the ER with the youngest because a BAT was in the house and she was in contact with it, a Wednesday full of birthday party planning AND a school picnic, where oh where I ask, does writing time fit in?

I know one writer who wakes at 4 am. Another writes on weekends only.


None of these options quite work for me. I think the trick for me, is giving in when life interferes, and knowing a time will come when I can write to my heart’s content.



2 thoughts on “Balance – is such a thing possible?

  1. That’s such a coincidence. I was just thinking I needed to do a post on balance, to give it some thought and some space–more for myself than anything else.

    I’ve enjoyed visiting your blog and your website. We are on a similar path, it seems.

    1. Hi Cynthia – thanks for stopping in! I think that’s what’s great about this on-line blogging world I’ve recently ventured into – meeting so many others, and once in a while coming accross someone on a simialr path!

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