All creativity aside, time to get down to the nitty gritty.


If given the choice when querying an agent to use snail mail or e-mail, what would you choose?

To date, I’ve opted for e-mail (why waster paper, postage, effort, and time), but now I am not certain, and have put off a couple submissions until I come to decision.

The only positive responses I’ve received thus far have been via e-mail. All envelopes have come with sincere regrets. But, I know that paper in my hands is so much more meaningful (why I have not yet read an e-book). Yet, would this make any difference to an agent who receives hundreds  a week?

3 thoughts on “Question.

  1. I feel a similar “pull” if you will between old School and New Way. Just this forum, blogging, the idea of it, is so completely new to me that i feel truly like an Old-Timer.
    However, certain aspects of “the business” remain true to form. I.E. Determining how to approach agents, editors, publishers, etc by researching the manner in which they prefer to do business.
    All things being equal, if someone doesn’t have a preference, an e-mail query is preferred for the shorter turn-around time.
    The romantic notion of rejections slips being used as wallpaper are quaint but not practical. Besides, my wife has absolute say over wallapaper and paint colors in our house.

  2. I just got my first positive response, and it was from a snail mail query.

    Also, the only personal rejections I got were from snail mails. The e-mail rejections were all form letters!

    Just saw your web site, btw. It looks awesome! I read the synopses of your books and they sound so great–I can’t wait to add them to my Amazon shopping cart some day! 🙂

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