Anyone reading the Mortal Instruments series, by Cassandra Clare?

city of glass

Yes – I’m a grownup (or so the numbers in my age tell me)! But, I have just started reading Book three in the Mortal Instruments YA series, and I am waiting for Jace and Clary to find out they are not brother and sister – this IS going to happen, right? right? (no – don’t tell me!)
I have read the three books (or, rather devoured) them back to back, and I just began this one yesterday.
Cassandra Clare has done a really good job in creating intriguing people that even an adult can love. She writes page-turners, and I think any writer can learn from that.

Looks like she’s writing a prequel now – must be an interesting back story all about Valentine, Luke, and Jocelyn.


6 thoughts on “Anyone reading the Mortal Instruments series, by Cassandra Clare?

  1. I’ve never read these, but you’re about the umpteenth person to recommend them. *sigh* My husband’s gonna take away my debit card if I go on Amazon one more time (just did two orders in two days!), but I just might risk it now, LOL!

    I love your blog! Are you posting your articles, stories, or synopses here??

  2. Thank you so! I am in the midst of putting together my website with my publications etc now – phew – big job!

    These books are def worth the read! Just one warning – there is a little Luke and Leia moment, but don’t let it faze you…

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